Avicii's family set up online remembrance forum after receiving "millions of condolences" from fans

1 av 3 | Foto: Sean Eriksson.
Tim ”Avicii” Bergling.


After receiving millions of messages, Avicii’s family has arranged a website for fans all over the world to mourn, pay tribute and remember the late Swedish dj, Aftonbladet reveals.

Family members of Tim ”Avicii” Bergling, who died in April aged 28, have been overwhelmed by condolences from fans and decided to create a forum for all the pictures, memories and thoughts about the superstar.

”The remembrance forum is created upon request from Tim’s family”, Avicii’s press spokesperson Ebba Lindqvist said. 

”Millions of people have been in touch with memories, letters, pictures and condolences and the family members are incredibly grateful for all the love that has meant so much during this tough time. Now they want to create a digital space for fans and friends to be able to gather and remember Tim together regardless of where in the world they will be.”

As Avicii posthumously won the ”Swedish Song of the Year” award at Aftonbladet’s Rockbjörnen gala on 15 August, his father Klas Bergling received the prize with an emotional speech. Picking up the trophy for the song ”Without you” together with co-composer Sandro Cavazza, Bergling made his first public appearance since his son’s tragic death in Oman this spring.

”I am so happy to have got the opportunity to come here tonight and thank you for this nice prize for Tim and Sandro, thanking all of you who’ve voted for ’Without you’, which is a fantastic song, but most of all thanking for all the beautiful and fantastic tributes of Tim and his music,” Klas Bergling said.

”From his fans and everyone else, it has come from churches, school classes, festivals and many others, and it has almost been incredible and it warms our hearts in the family through these hard times. So a massive thank you to everyone.”

As the MTV Video Music Awards were held in New York this week, Tim Bergling won another prize, as his ”Lonely together” was awarded best dance video.