– Hur ska man träna för att se ut som en filmstjärna?

Läs chattet med superstjärnornas tränare


Gunnar Peterson är bland annat Jennifer Lopez personliga tränare. Här svarar han på läsarnas frågor om hur det är att träna med Holllywoods största stjärnor.

Gunnar Peterson säger: Hi. It's Gunnar Peterson. I am happy and honoured to be here. And I'm ready for any questions you want to fire away.

jessica säger: Hur blir man personlig tränare?

Gunnar Peterson säger: I would study the physiology and the biomechanics and read anything you can get on training and make sure you like working very closely with people. Because in the long run working with people one on one, who might not share your passion, at least not from the beginning, might be your biggest challenge.

Lisa säger: How much do you have to work out to get a body like Lopez"? Every day?

Gunnar Peterson säger: It depends on the time of the year. You have to vary the training methods and you have to work around her schedule. Sometimes she works six days a week for up to two hours. Other times it's three times a week for one hour. Other than that she has a very active lifestyle, especially when she is preparing for a music video.

Love_Girl säger: Är Jennifer en sport människa?

Har hört att hon hatar att tränna...

Gunnar Peterson säger: She is as sporty as anyone named Love_girl. I have worked with her for more than 5 years and she has never said she hates working out. And she has an active lifestyle so you couldn"t say she hates it. She was a track star when she was younger.

EEE säger: Can you speak swedish?

Gunnar Peterson säger: Just a few words that would get me in trouble.

Emma säger: Är simning en bra träningsform om man vill ha kropp som en filmstjärna?

Gunnar Peterson säger: Swimming is a great cardiovascular training when it is done in a cardiovascular manner: You have to swim for at least 23-24 minutes. The key is that most people just do a few laps. That's not enough.

Malin säger: What is different when working with such famous people from ordinary people?

Gunnar Peterson säger: The hardest part about it is working around their schedule, because the more famous, the more busy and it is harder to lock in a time. Sometimes their deadlines for their goals are closer and they feel a lot of pressure, not only from themselves but from work.

Jarod säger: How much does a celebrity-PT earn in US?

Gunnar Peterson säger: I think the rates vary in different parts of the United States. I know trainers who charge 60 dollars for an hour and a guy in New York who charges 275 dollars. I charge 150 here in LA. In my gym I have 4500 squarefeet and it's only me and one other guy working their and we include water, towels, everything.

LaNina säger: Vilken tid på dygnet är det bäst att träna om man vill bli smal

Gunnar Peterson säger: If you wanna lose weight, the best time to work out is the time when you're least likely to skip it. I believe in going early in the morning because psychologically you are prepared to handle your day. You're also in a frame of mind when you make better choices in your diet. And it's not something that sits there in the end of the day and you worry about getting done, when you have a lot of other things trying to get your attention.

Fairing säger: Have you ever met Arnold Schwarzenegger? He is my big idol!

Gunnar Peterson säger: Yes I have a number of times. We have a mutual friend in Tom Arnold and my wife is on the board of a charity that Arnolds nephew started.

en tjej säger: how many stars have you trained with?

Gunnar Peterson säger: Do you want a number? I couldn't tell you. I've been doing this for 15 yeras. My first one was Kelly McGillis. That was 12 years ago. Because I'm in LA there are a lot more stars here than in other places. Now I'm working with (except for the three women in the article) Sylvester Stallone, Monica Sellers and many more. Last year I worked a few months with Mike Tyson. That is a whole other story.

ted säger: what do you do on a reguler day?

Gunnar Peterson säger: I get up at 4.30. I'm at my gym at 5.30. I have a client at 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. At 11 I have someone who goes for two hours. That's Stallone right now. Between 13-15.30 I do my own work out, I return my phone calls and eat. Then I have 15.30, 16.30, 17.30- clients. My gym is at my house and at 18.30 I have dinner with my kids, play with them, put them to bed.

rebecca säger: hur får man den perfekta jennifer lopez rumpan?

Gunnar Peterson säger: A lot of work, good genetics, good eating, no bad substances, (alcohol or drugs). Jennifer doesn't do any of that stuff. The biggest, most important thing is to be consistent.

kesenci säger: how is it to work with Jennifer Lopez?

Gunnar Peterson säger: It's fantastic. Don't believe anything bad you read. She's fun, she's funny, she's pleasant and my favorite thing: She's a hard worker.

Laura säger: Finns det någon du skulle vilja vara personlig tränare till, nån "drömkund"?

Gunnar Peterson säger: You, Laura. No, I just like when they work hard, have fun, and their expectations are realistic. When they come in and they are 20 kilos overweight and they wanna look like Jennifer or Stallone by Friday that's very challenging.

tina säger: do you think everybody should have a personal trainer?

Gunnar Peterson säger: No. but I think if you're just starting it's a great way to avoid making some mistakes that could set you back because of injury or because you get discouraged. You wouldn't take up scuba diving without a few lessons in the beginning, would you?

Monika säger: Har hon en väldigt hård diet eller får hon äta onyttigt?

Gunnar Peterson säger: She is a clean eater. I'm not with her for every meal. I'm sure if there is something she wants that is not the perfect food, she'll have it. But she doesn't do it all the time and she doesn't eat too much quantity.

Sarah*18* säger: vilket tycker du är det bästa träningssättet om man vill bli slank inte muskulös?

Gunnar Peterson säger: You have to lift weights. Weights will never get you big, Eating gets you big. 1 kilo of muscle takes up less space than 1 kilo of fat. By having muscles you burn calories at a faster rate than you would if you did not have it.

supergrisen säger: Is Stallone working out for anything in particular, or just in general?

Gunnar Peterson säger: Stallone has a number of projects in the works. He just finished a movie called Shade and the studio still wants him to make Rocky 6. He is in the best shape now in his life, he says so himself and he's 56.

Jacqueline säger: Gunnar isnt that a swedish name? Where are you from?

Gunnar Peterson säger: Yes it's a Swedish name. My last name is also Swedish. My brothers name is Tor. My great grandparents were Swedish, from Malmö I think. I have been in Sweden twice with my wife, and five times on my own. I love it there.

Thanks for the questions.I'm glad I was able to be here with you guys and stay with it.