"Från början var Ernie baserad på mig själv"

Bud Grace chattade med läsarna från Bokmässan


Han får kalla kårar av Bush, skrattar åt sina egna skämt och skapade från början figuren Ernie som en kopia av sig själv.

Detta är en kulturartikel som är en del av Aftonbladets opinionsjournalistik.

Serien Ernies pappa Bud Grace chattade med läsarna.

Bud Grace låter Ernie hälsa till läsarna.

Lollo säger: Hi Bud. Your are definitley one of my role models. Just wanted to ask a couple of things. Effie and Uncle Sid, what}s their REAL relationship?

Bud Grace säger: Well, in US, we cant be too explicit in comic strips. Basically They would do anything for free food..

ernie is god säger: Who is Ernie - really?

Bud Grace säger: Well, originally he was sort of based o me, but I had to change his personality. First he was supposed to behave like Arnold. The New E i s just a nice guy, around 33 years old.

Rocky säger: The look of your characters keep getting neater and neater. Why? I miss the old, more sluggish style of drawing!

Bud Grace säger: Rocky, you}re right, they have changed. I try to make my artwork better, but in US comics are published very small, so I have to change my drawing.

Zoid säger: Hi Bud, where did you get the inspiration to Uncle Sid?

Bud Grace säger: I have relatives who are just like him...

ernie is god säger: Hello! Welcome to Sweden! Ever had any regrets about dropping out from science and a real job?

Bud Grace säger: I wasted my youth in collage. I was about 30 when I realized that.

Runar säger: Do you collect toasters?

Bud Grace säger: I have about 35 toasters. I just like them, especially the ones from the 50´s.

Roberto Baggio säger: What do think is the secret behind your successful carrier?

Bud Grace säger: I dont know, I only draw what I think is funny. I try to make my self laugh all the time.

Moz säger: Do you laugh at your own jokes?

Bud Grace säger: Yes, all the time! I laugh at everything, I}m very seldom depressed.

Sid säger: Who is your favourite comics author?

Bud Grace säger: Right now my favorite is Monty.

Bergis säger: Where do you get your inspiration?

Bud Grace säger: I dont know. Honestly I just think untill something pops up in my head. I also like to eat and eating costs money.

Ottar säger: Why did you decide to have Ernie shave his mustache off?

Bud Grace säger: Ernie does what I do. When my mustache turned gray, I shaved him.

Bernie säger: Bush or Kerry?

Bud Grace säger: Kerry, just say the name Bush and my eyes pops out of my head.

yone säger: what do you like the most with sweden??

Bud Grace säger: When I was here the first time in 1989 I met people who later became some of my closest friends.

Thank you everyone, but now I have to go and get something to eat. I}m sorry couldnt answer all of your questions.

Moderator: De stavfel som fanns i chatt-texten inledningsvis var inte Bud Graces fel utan redaktionens.

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