"Write things you would be embarrassed to say in daylight"

DBC Pierre chattade från Bokmässan

Detta är en kulturartikel som är en del av Aftonbladets opinionsjournalistik.

Moderator säger: Welcome! We will start the chat with DBC Pierre now.

simon säger: I've only read your first book, Vernon God Little. I liked it very, very much. But I've heard you have been accused for being homofobic in that book.

What is your comment to that?

DBC Pierre säger: I defend it, simply on the grounds that the book's point of view is that of a male adolescednt and there aren't many male adolescent feminists in Texas!

Danne säger: Have you got any homepage?

DBC Pierre säger: Actually no, although I've reserved the name. Can't think what to put on it...

sussie säger: Hello DBC! I have a question about the cultural difference between europeans and americans. My daughter(swedish) stayed in LA half a year. Then she came back home to Sweden and she said: "They (americans) look like us but they are UFOs."

What do you think? Are europeans UFOs to you, being american?

DBC Pierre säger: Actually I'm British... so I agree with your daughter!

Mattis säger: Hello DBC Pierre! How did you get the idea to Ludmilas Broken English? It's agreat book, but strange...

DBC Pierre säger: Ha! You answered the question yourself... life suddenly seems strange. I think, like everything, it's just a reaction to how strange things seem in the world at the moment

Nina säger: Hi! When did you knew that you wanted to be a writer?

DBC Pierre säger: Firstly, Nina is my favourite name. You made me pause to remember the Ninas I've known. And, quite honestly, I knew I wanted to be a writer when I'd finished writing my first book

Alex Stråe säger: What do you think about sweden, honestly.

DBC Pierre säger: After one day? Fantastic... the rest of the world should be so lucky (though I wish I could smoke indoors as I write this, but that's not just Sweden...)

Alice säger: Who is your favourite writer?

DBC Pierre säger: Tricky question - probably Evelyn Waugh, but that could change in the next half hour

Johnny säger: Hello Pierre, how you doin' this wonderful day? Do you have plans for a new book soon?

DBC Pierre säger: Hey Johnny, marvellous today, buzzing on too much coffee (poor man's cocaine). Actually just started the next novel - first-person tale of extreme decadence and sexual excess. Still looking for research assistants, so if you know anyone...

säger: What did you do before you started to write books?

DBC Pierre säger: Fuck up my life. Was unemployed for ages, ended up writing out of desperation...

Danne säger: Why did you move to Ireland?

DBC Pierre säger: Decided to move on September 11 2001. It's a neutral country, peaceful, and they love writers. I was in London before and it seemed too much of a target

carl säger: hey, Pierre how do you to write that good?

DBC Pierre säger: Generous of you to say. Only write in the dead of night, write things you would be embarrassed to say in daylight, and smoke plenty of cigarettes. Another good trick - stay awake 24 hours, THEN start to write...

Alice säger: Are you interested in politics at all?

DBC Pierre säger: Not in politics as such - but I love the ridiculous arguments that come from politics. We're such weak and deluded little creatures (humans) but we think we're so great - I find that tragically comical

säger: Have you been i Sweden before? How long are you staying?

DBC Pierre säger: I was here once before, years ago - and would love to stay. Depends how many drinks I have tonight...

säger: hi. did you read a lot as a kid?

DBC Pierre säger: Yeah, actually - much more than I do now. Love books, I can get really lost in them. They were like a first drug, an escape...

Nina säger: What would you do instead if you couldn}t write books?

DBC Pierre säger: Music. I think I only write because I can't play a musical instrument - see how I love language, and dialects,. etc? I reckon it's because I found musical expression in language

carl säger: what music do you listen to?

DBC Pierre säger: EVERYTHING - or rather, good examples of everything. I can get off on classical or hip-hop or salsa - anything that takes me for a ride

Johnny säger: DBC, do you have any tips for me that are having dreams about a become a author?

DBC Pierre säger: Absolutely. The only things I learned for sure so far: firstly, write as if you'll never show thework to anyone, speak the things you can't speak in real life (so if your grandmother stinks, say it, describe it). And once you've written something, go back and remove AT LEAST every fourth word - take out all the words you can without losing the meaning - it's amazing how impressive sentences become...

xXP!ATDXx säger: what do you think is the meaning of life ? xD

DBC Pierre säger: I think the meaning of life is to stay still and open enough that your personal meaning comes to you. There does seem to be an energy moving in a direction - and sometimes you get a moment when you suddenly feel you're in the right place doing the right thing. Keep that thought in mind for a lifetime, and see which direction those moments add up to...

nr 19 säger: Hello DBC, do you have any books to recommend? And what do you think about the book I'm reading right now: The Sound and The Fury, by Faulkner?

DBC Pierre säger: Haven't read that Faulkner - and if I had to recommend a book for today, it might be a funny Spanish book (translated into English at least) called The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Croissant

Svante säger: Does a writer need experience, or can you write on imagination alone?

DBC Pierre säger: I never had experience - but the process of writing a first gave it to me. I had to put the imagination into an order that was satisfying to a reader, and that was hard. If you want a head start on those disciplines that don't come naturally, there's a book called Solutions for Writers, by Sol Stein... one of many such books, but that type of advice can help to make your imagination work as a book

Moderator säger: This will be the last question to DBC Pierre. Thank you everyone!

solan säger: Do you thing books have a future - or will computers take over?

DBC Pierre säger: Personally think books will stick around - there's something mysterious about words on a page. But I guess many works will go digital too... thanks all for the chat. See you later