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Författaren till ”Gossip Girl” avslöjar sin favoritkaraktär i böckerna i chatt med aftonbladet.se:s läsare

Cecily von Ziegesar.

Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I'm here--ready to answer questions! : )
Jossan säger: Hello. Which of the characters do you identify with the most?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: Definitely Blair. She is so unpredictable and dramatic. Such a bitch, but we understand why she is a bitch and we like her anyway!
Linda säger: Hello. I'm a big fan of your books and of the tv-series. Where do you get inspriration for your caracters?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: Well, I grew up in NYC and went to a school just like Constance Billard, so I get my inspiration from my teenage years, but I also make up a lot of stuff. It's fiction.
http://youandme.blogg.se säger: Where do you get your inspiration from? Were you brought up like them?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I was really more like Dan. I went to a fancy school and had fancy friends, but my family was not so fancy. I guess I felt like an insider but also an outsider. I think that gave me perspective.
Dominika säger: Hi, im love gossip girl:) and i think that chuk and blair should be togheter, so my question is are they gonna be togheter?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I don't actually write the TV scripts, so I can't tell you that, but I do watch every episode and in season 2 over here in the US it looks like Blair and NATE might be getting back together--but I don't want to spoil anything!!!
Dingo säger: Hey. I think that Ed Westwicks performances as Chuck Bass is the main reason many people watching the show.He didn't have a such big part in the books. That character is one of a kind. Did you expect that this character would have a such big impact on the show before in started to air?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I am completely in love with Ed. He is fantastic and he made Chuck such a great character. I don't think anyone knew how great he would be as Chuck. Now I wish Chuck wasn't gay in the books, but what can you do?
Rebecca säger: Did you expect it to be such a success?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I knew the TV show was going to be great when I watched them filming the pilot episode. It still gives me chills to see those gorgeous actors playing the characters I created.
Frida säger: Do you think the characters of Gossip girl is portraied right in the tv-series?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I think Blair and Serena are very accurate. The other characters aren't as close to their book versions, especially Vanessa. I wish she had a bigger role on the show and had a more kick-ass persona. And I miss Jenny's boobs. But I like what they've done with the other characters.
Elin säger: do you look at Gossip girl when it`s on tv??
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I watch it every week. I'm very faithful. My husband and I watch it together, and if our little children wake up and bother us we tell them to go back to bed because we're "working." : )
weronica säger: Hi, how many hours/day do you write? What inspires you? Who is YOUR favourite writer?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I write every weekday from about 10 in the morning until about 5 in the evening, with some little breaks in between and a lot of online shopping!! I buy a lot of shoes online and then I have to return them. I'm inspired by everything, from a quote in a magazine to some of my favorite writers. I love F Scott Fitzgerald and Jane Austen.
Rebecca säger: What message do you think you give young readers with Gossip girls? (no critic to you, i love the books)
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I don't really think of the books as having a message. I try to entertain my readers by really getting inside the heads of my characters--characters who might otherwise be seen as stereotypical Barbie Dolls. I love that they are so beautiful on the outside and so confused and funny on the inside. If anything the message is that we are all the same. And that life is full of unexpected craziness.
Hanna säger: Hello! did you always wanted to be a writer? or did you have dreams of being something else? :)
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. I used to get up in the middle of the night and write things down. At first I wrote poems. Then stories. And now books!
Robin säger: Hey, do you have any new series coming up? Maybe something for men who like hardrock? Then i could watch tv together with my gf :D
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: Well, I think you would Gossip Girl anyway and you could watch it with your girlfriend, but the TV people are developing a series about Serena's mother in the 80's in LA. It will have a lot of music because she was a groupie.
Elin säger: which is your favorite book??
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: My favorite Gossip Girl book is the second one, You Know You Love Me. I love it when Blair shoplifts the pajamas and messes up her Yale interview. And it's when Serena and Dan are together and Jenny smokes pot with Nate. It's so fun to reread it.
Sara säger: Hi! How long time did it took you to write GG?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: There were two books a year, so I would take about four to six months to write each one. The first two were the fastest because I didn't have any children then.
cissi säger: Hi Cecily, I think your a great writer. I wonder whats your secret to appeal to women? is it for ex. pink colours on the book or what do you think make women choose a book they have not heard of but see on the bookshelves? Thank you once again your great
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: Maybe women buy the books at first because of the pretty covers, but then I think they keep reading them because they relate to the characters and they love reading about New York.
Frida säger: Will Gossip girl ever become a movie?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: I don't know. I think it would be great if they made a movie once the show is finished, like the Sex and the City movie. We shall see...
Moderator säger: Unfortionally, our time is running out. Here's the last question:
missy säger: Are we ever gonna find out who gossip girl really is?
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: Everyone always asks me that and I have to say I'm never gonna tell. Sorry! But keep reading and watching anyway. You know you love me. x0x0 -C
Moderator säger: Thanks to Mrs. von Ziegesar and to aftonbladet.se:s readers for chatting!
Cecily von Ziegesar säger: no problem-anytime!