”I don't need any nightmares”

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Eagles Of Death Metal did their first concert tonight since the terror attack in Paris.

– I don't want to let anyone down, the singer Jesse Hughes said to Aftonbladet.

89 people died during Eagles Of Death Metal's concert at le Bataclan in Paris the 13th November last year. Tonight, three months later, they continued the tour with a concert in Stockholm.

– I don't have any nightmares, and I am not trying to sound dramatic but I do not need to because of the shit I remember when I am awake, the singer Jesse Hughes said.

He saw five people die that night in Paris just one hour after the show had begun.

– I wish it never happened but it did and now we have to take care of each other. And I do not even want to give those evil people another second of my time. But I am never going to stop taking about the 89 beautiful people that died, Jesse Hughes said.

”Is like therapy”

He tries to understand what happened. It is unbelievable. But he wants to talk about it.

– Talking to you is like therapy for me. I am not going to hide my feelings. That would not be good, Jesse Hughes said.

On monday the band will travel to Paris again. Many fans and relatives to the victims are coming to see the band's new concert.

– People had said to me in interviews that I am so brave. But it is really nothing brave about doing what you love and getting paid to do it on stage. It is nothing brave about coming back to this. It is nothing brave of running for my life on that theater.

Pays tribute to the fans

He tributes the fans that have the courage to come and see the band again after what happened the 13th of November.

– It is brave and inspiring. And I get to be a part of it. It is a blessing, in a terrible way. I just do not want to let anyone down, he said.

During the concert in Stockholm he talked about the love to his fans.

– I love you so much. We needed this night so much. We need you so much, he said from the stage.