"We have already seen hundreds of beautiful eyes"


Läs hela chattet med franska Phoenix

Foto: Delar av Phoenix
Foto: Camilla E, Phoenix prkvinna på skivbolaget, är coolast tycker bandet.

Phoenix säger: bonjour everyone, here we are in hultsfred ready to answer your questions!

Petter säger: Hi! Love your music! What do you feel is the biggest difference between this new record and the old ones?

Phoenix säger: our last record was black the new one is white.

Charles säger: I love "If I ever feel better"! So how do you feel now?

Phoenix säger: better than ever

Rachel säger: So... have u seen any swedish girls yet? What do you think of them?

Phoenix säger: we ve been here for few minutes, and already seen hundreds of beautiful eyes

Mulle säger: Why do you think you're so popular in Sweden?

Phoenix säger: because you guys are into style and heartbeats

Tyrol säger: Which festival is your favourite around the world?

Phoenix säger: our top 3 would be

coachella USA


Melt Germany

Jane säger: Will you do any French chansons...? And what do you think of Serge Gainsbourg? A genius or a filthy old man?

Phoenix säger: he s our filthy genius hero

Lasse säger: Hello guys! Are there any other good bands from France?

Phoenix säger: sebastien tellier, air, Rob, DJ Falcon

De Luxe-unge säger: Who is the coolest Swedish person ever?

Phoenix säger: Camilla E

Therese säger: Do you like doing music for movies? Will you do any more of that?

Phoenix säger: Yes please

HD säger: Wich band's do you listen to? besides your own.

Phoenix säger: jose Gonzales, Queens of the Stone age, D Angelö

Nouveau säger: Have you ever released a record in french?

Phoenix säger: No But maybe someday

sofia säger: Will there be any more gigs here in Sweden this year?

Phoenix säger: We hope to come back this fall

Moderator säger: Thank you Phoenix! Och tack till alla som ställt frågor.

Phoenix säger: Tusen Tack

See you all