”Klart jag har haft sex i min mask”


Amen från Lordi chattade med läsarna

Lordi säger: Hello swedish fans. It's Amen here!

Susan säger: How is it in Hultsfred?

Lordi säger: We arrived here only one hour ago. We came right from Norway and haven't been sleeping, so we are tired. But it seems nice here.

Elin säger: Hi Lordi! I love your song Hard Rock Halleluiah, and I want to ask you, when your cd is out in Sweden? Kisses from Elin

Lordi säger: It already is. It's number one on the charts!

föort säger: hi Lordi i think you are the best rockgroup right now and your style is very unique, but how did you come up with the idea of wearing those costumes?

Lordi säger: Thats a long story. We got the idea from the 80's hardrock bands like Kiss and horror movies. It was just a crazy idea.

Marina säger: Lordi, have you a girlfriend?

Lordi säger: Mr Lordi has a girlfriend but I (Amen) don't.

Nisse säger: Hi Lordi!

I just wonder, is there a story behind your track "Would you love a Monsterman"?

Lordi säger: Every song has a little story. "Would you love a monster man" was our first single ever, so we wanted to ask people if they would love us the way we look.

KittyCat säger: Awa i feel that you are the perfect role model for young girls, do you think you are? You are wearing a beautiful long covering dress and ar in your best years ;). Love //Anna

Lordi säger: Awa is a great rolemodel for girls I think (I am Amen).

MrLordi säger: Have you ever had sex in your mask?

Lordi säger: Ofcourse! (big laugh)

Lordas säger: Hello....congrat to the victory. Are you going to tour with Kiss as rumours says?


Lordi säger: Unfourtunately it's just a rumour but hopefully some day.

Thea säger: I am going to buy a dog soon, what should I call it?

Lordi säger: I think you should call it Mommy!

TellME säger: Which is the most fun, Hultsfred or ESC?

Lordi säger: Hultsfred definitely!

ESCfan säger: Do you have a favourite ESC-song except your own?

Lordi säger: All time favourite is ABBA:s Waterloo.

suomi-flikka säger: Hi Lordi and the other band members! I've heard that you are sex symbols... so what's the weirdest suggestion you}ve got from a fan?

Lordi säger: Acctually: can I have sex with you when you're wearing your mask?

James Hetfield säger: Hi! do you like bands like Metallica , System of a down and Guns n Roses. And do they like you ?

Lordi säger: Personally I love Metallica and Gun'n'Roses. System of a down is too complicated music for me. We met Axl Rose a week ago and gave him our cd. He thought it was good!

Markus säger: Hello, I'm a mask and prop maker... My question is, do you and your band make your costumes by yourself? And I love the Hardrock Song ;)

Lordi säger: Yes, Mr Lordi does all the costumes.

DreaDz säger: Heya Lordi! What do you guys do on your free-time? wearing masks all the time so none can see you and then act like you're living without masks, cooking dinner, watching tv etc? *smile*

Lordi säger: Right now we don't have any freetime. So now we're wearing the masks 15 hours a day. Normally we just relax in our freetime, going to the movies, meeting friends etc.

SlimShilo säger: You guys should make a movie about your characters, what do you think about it? Is it a possibility in the future?

Lordi säger: Yes it's more possible than you can imagine.

lotta säger: i love you

Lordi säger: why? ok, I love you too, big kisses.

Byxlöse säger: Amen why did they mummyfie you did you do something ore did you die of natural couses? Love your music!

Lordi säger: I was God of Gods in ancient Egypt. Some people didn't like me so they tried to kill me and Mumified me. But I never died and now I'm back!

Hanns säger: do you all wear your masks right now? :D

Lordi säger: Not right now, but straight after this chat we are going to put them on.

Lordi säger: Thank you all, we want to thank all of you who has bought our cd and helped us to the top of the Swedish chart.