Rapper G-Eazy arrested for assault: ”They put him in cuffs”

Witness tells Aftonbladet: ”It was real turmoil”

avLeo Pettersson


The famous rapper G-Eazy was arrested in Stockholm early Thursday morning.

He is suspected of assault, after attacking security guards.

– They put him in handcuffs and he was escorted off by the police, a witness told Aftonbladet.

The fight started around 3 a.m. on Thursday at a night club in central Stockholm.

Earlier that night the famous rapper G-Eazy performed at another venue in the city.

A witness, who also attended the night club, describes how the fight started.

– The artist sat in a VIP-room with his girlfriend and his entourage. They started figting and one of the security guards took a swing that hit G-Eazys girlfriend in the face. Then there was a real turmoil.

Police escorted him away

The witness saw how the security guards dragged the rapper out from the dance floor and into another room.

Who started the fight?

– I don’t know really. It was hard to tell.

Was it the security guard who stroke the first punch?

– From what I saw, yes.

A few minutes later G-Eazy was arrested.

– They put him in handcuffs and he was escorted off by the police.

Requested to be retained

Prosecutor Carl Mellberg is leading the investigation. He has requested that the rapper should be detained.

– He is on reasonable grounds suspected of violence against officer. The reason that I’m requesting that he should be detained is because there is a risk that he would flee, Carl Mellberg says.

A detention order is expected Friday afternoon.