Grumpy Charlie Sheen in Sweden: ”I feel like I'm in a bit of a rabbit hole”

Publicerad 2016-06-15

Charlie Sheen has touched down in Sweden to launch a new condom and spread HIV-awareness.

But it's a grumpy celebrity greeting the press at his Stockholm hotel.

– I feel like I'm in a bit of a rabbit hole here, says annoyed Charlie Sheen.

Hollywood star and former ”Two and a half men”-actor Charlie Sheen is in Sweden to launch a new condom for ”intimate lifestyle products” brand Lelo. Since ”coming out” with being infected with HIV the Hollywood bad boy has become an ambassador, of sorts, for spreading awareness on living with HIV.

Despite the best of intentions surrounding his visit, the actor with a prior addiction to anything from porn stars to drugs seems less than interested in talking about his experience of living with HIV.

– It's kind of hard sitting here feeling like I'm in a circle, like I'm in a rabbit hole, says Sheen just after the mood in the interview with Aftonbladet turned from bad to worse.

Turned moody

Sheen, who wants to sit outside and smoke during the interview, turned moody when asked about his feelings when he learned he was infected.

– Is this about Lelo? Is this going to be about Lelo at all?, Sheen says.

– I mean, how do you think I felt? Your questions are a little redundant, I got to be honest.

Before getting asked about the circumstances of him going public with being HIV-positive he snaps off Aftonbladets reporter mid sentence:

– I've already talked about that. Are you still in journalism school? Are you work... Are you filling in for somebody today or?

Reporter: No.

”F****ng horseshit”

– You have the opportunity to do something great here but this is 101 f****ng horseshit right here.

Asked what he does want to talk about the answer is more or less nonsensical.

–  I want to talk about whatever you want to talk about, I want to service the peace but it's kind of hard sitting here feeling like I'm in cycle, like I'm in a bit of a rabbit hole.

When it's time for the next reporter in line to interview Sheen he demands to get the questions in writing in advance. After reading them the interview is cancelled.

Despite his tantrum Charlie Sheen insists he's loving his time in Sweden:

– I love Sweden. It's a lovely place, the weather is amazing. You have a society that my country could learn from, there's no gun violence, says Sheen.


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