”Svenska tjejer är guds gåva till jorden”


Läs hela chattet med ”Good Charlotte”

Foto: AP

Good Charlotte säger: hey everybody

BaM säger: Hey guys. When do you realease your nest single?

Good Charlotte säger: i geuss the release for keep your hands off my girl is march 6th

Shortys.skateboards säger: HI boys! Wzup? Peace! U guys rock as hell!

Good Charlotte säger: thanks

malan säger: HI! Do you ever get tired of "pushy" fans?

Good Charlotte säger: nope we love our fans. they can push us all they want

Emma säger: Hello. How old are you?

Good Charlotte säger: im 27, but i act like im 12

Erika säger: Hi I really like your music and I wonder if you think you have changed alot on your new record?

Good Charlotte säger: we have grown up alot on this record but it still sounds like good charlotte

Jonas Källberg I Sm.stenar säger: Hello dudes! What do you think about David Hasselhoffs music, is he a big influence on you? Or do you get your most lyrics and music from Backstreet Boys, Blink-182 and Sum41 + Westlife? Have a nice day dudes, U ROCKS 4Ever man YEAH ROCK

Good Charlotte säger: dont hassle the hoff

Good Charlotte säger: backstreet boys dancing was a big influence on me buy most of my lyrics come from shakespear

Hello!!!11 säger: what do u think of sweden!?!?!

Good Charlotte säger: i love sweden i can come here and freeze my balls off

Jonas Källberg I Sm.stenar säger: YO! What do you think about swedish girls? ;)

Good Charlotte säger: swedish girls are gods gift to the world

rebecca säger: heey! Joel, is it true you're dating Nicole Richie ? :P

Good Charlotte säger: i dont know

Sanna säger: Hi!! What's the best/worst thing about being famous?

Good Charlotte säger: questions about it

Emelie* säger: Wich music do u guys litsen on?

Good Charlotte säger: i listen to alot of bands like the clash, the ramones, the smiths, the cure, blondie, green day, oasis, blur

benson säger: Dont you ever get tierd of your songs?

Good Charlotte säger: nope

ozzi säger: hi man! peace,do guys you planning to have a konsert in sweden any time soon???

Good Charlotte säger: yeah we are coming in may i think

Good Charlotte säger: benj and joel are here

sandra säger: Hi, do you have any pets? A dog or cat?

Good Charlotte säger: joel has a dog, benj has a dog and 3 cats

alfa säger: hi, do you have a girl friend?

Good Charlotte säger: i dont know

jan säger: Are you guys homosexuals?

Good Charlotte säger: hmmmmm. define homosexual, haha

Good Charlotte säger: ok benj says he is

Cink säger: When did you guys start with music?

Good Charlotte säger: we started gc when we were 16

silvia säger: Hi! I wanted to know what do you guys think about Europe}s new CD

Good Charlotte säger: its cool

Michaela säger: Hey guys! I really liked The young and the hopeless, Joel's voice is awsome :D Where do u think you'd be if you weren't in a band and how do u think celebrity has changed you?

Good Charlotte säger: thanks. if we were in a band wed be working at mcdonalds or maybe pizzahut. dont really know how to answer the other question, dont really think about it

Jessica* säger: Hey! Who is writing your songs? They}re SO wonderful!!! 3

Good Charlotte säger: me and benj write the songs, billy writes some too

Kartel säger: How long have you known The Game and can we expect you to do any music togheter?

Good Charlotte säger: weve known game for about 4 years, dont know if well do any music together , anything is possible

nELSON säger:

Hey do you like sex pistols ???

Good Charlotte säger: i dont like the sex pistols all that much, benj does. im more of a clash fan

vegan säger: Hey guys! Are any of you vegetarians and active in the animal rights movement?

Good Charlotte säger:

Good Charlotte säger: benj and billy are a big part of all that

Brass knuckles säger: Hey guys! Really like your latest song "Keep your hands off...". It's one of my favourite songs right now. Which GS-song would you guys say is the best ever?

Good Charlotte säger: joel says misery benj says wounded

Good Charlotte säger: ok everybody thanks for everything. hope you had fun and hope you enjoy good morning revival. we will see you in may when we tour here. next time we chat we should do it on the web cam