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Michael Jackson skulle vara förband om killarna i Westlife själva fick bestämma.

Ikväll spelar de i Globen i Stockholm och i eftermiddags chattade de med fansen på aftonbladet.se. Nästan 3 000 frågor kom in.

Här kan du läsa chattet som handlar om flickvänner, hårfärg musik och mycket mer.

Catharina säger: Hello Westlife!

I love your music i am gonna go on the consert tonight!

It is going to be REALY fun!!!!!

Love you Westlife!!!!!!!

/Catharina Brunfelter Sweden

Westlife säger: Thank You very much, It´s going to be great!

Sad Girl* säger: Hi!

I was actually gonna see you tonight in Stockholm but then i got ill... Im so sad about that because i had been looking forward to see you.. Well, I just wanted to wish you good luck and i hope to see you next time!

*Lots of Love*

Westlife säger: Very sorry that you are sick. Take care, get well soon!

Annamikkis säger: do you like sweden??

Westlife säger: Yes, we love sweden, the fans are fantastic, Great city. You always give us a warm welcome.

Mi säger: For how long do you think you"ll have the energy to do what you do for a living? Must be exhausting...

Westlife säger: We look after our health so We´ll keep on going for a long tinme. As long as the fans want us, we´ll go on performing.

MrsWestlife säger: Hi Boys! Which country has the best crowd? ;)

Westlife säger: Hopefully Stockholm. So far all the concerts have been very loud.

mombasovich säger: Can you describe the feeling of having that much money and have all girls screaming after you ??

Westlife säger: It´s a great feeling. Thank you very much for making it happen. But money is not the most important thing. The feeling that we get on stage is the best one.

Louise säger: Hello!!

Which song do you like the most from your new album?

Westlife säger: I like "Bop bop baby" because myself and Brian wrote it and it´s also our next singel. So we´re very proud.

Love_You_Nicky säger: Hi how long are you going to stay in Sweden?

Westlife säger: We leave on Monday to go to Germany.

moa säger: Hello! Are you going to ÅRE after the konsert in stock? I be there and waiting for you! I love you!!!!!!

Westlife säger: Unfortunately we don´t have time. We have to go to Germany but we´ll be back in Sweden soon.

xzibit_boy säger: how do u do if you want a music contract

Westlife säger: The best thing to do is to make a CD of you singing and some pictures of yourself and send them to record-companies. Keep trying til you get a reply. TRY TO GET A JOB IN A RECORD-COMPANY JUST TO GET YOU R WAY IN.

sara! säger: Shane, do you have a girlfriend??

Westlife säger: Yes.her name is Gillian and she´s from my hometown Sligo.

Viktoria säger: Kian: Can"t you colour back your hair to brown again? It was really nice!!! *Kisses*

Westlife säger: Shane says: Kian is not here but he likes his hair blonder.

MirreåEmma säger: Have you meet Britney Spears??

Westlife säger: Yeah a few times. She´s a really nice girl.

Jessica säger: If you would pick a own "förband" which one would it be?

Westlife säger: Michael Jackson! Haha.

Viktoria säger: Kian: Could you ever date a girl that is six years younger than you?

Westlife säger: Shane says: I can´t answer that question for Kian.

Girl säger: What"s your opinion about the gossips that said you used to sleep with 14-16 year-old girls during your concert-visits in for example Sweden?

Westlife säger: I never heard that gossip and it´s definitely 100 percent not true.

Albert säger: what ya"ll doing in ur spare time?

Westlife säger: Sleep and drink honey.

NiCo säger: when is your next album coming?

Westlife säger: End of this year.

emma_westlife_mark säger: Hello! are you going to realease a new westlife-video?

Love Emma p.s I love you Westlife

Westlife säger: Yes, our new video for "bop bop baby" is very good and will be on tv in the next couple of weeks.

Juliette säger: Which one of you have a realtionschip with someone??

Westlife säger: Shane, Bryan and Nicky.

NiCo säger: can anyone speak swedish?

Westlife säger: We all speak a little, very little.But we can say the important words.

Viktoria säger: Will you ever tour in Gothenburg?? Coz I really want to see you in concert!! Kian, Shane and Nicky: Luv ya!

Westlife säger: We try to on this tour as well as stockholm but we could not get the venue.

Madeleine säger: What do you think when you wake up in the morning?

Westlife säger: I´m tired...

Oskar säger: Which of your songs do you like best to sing?

Westlife säger: "My love" is a good song to sing.They´re all good.

love_girl12 säger: how mutch mony hav ju örnd?

Westlife säger: Enough, we´re happy.

Madeleine säger: What"s the best thing about being a part of such a famous group like Westlife?

Westlife säger: You get to live your dream.

jenny.kaarle säger: Hi, what´s your favorite music?

Westlife säger: Pop and rock. I like Limp Bizkit, Bryan Adams, Nickelbacks new song, Backstreet boys... They´re too many.

Johanna and Amanda säger: Hallo! Are you going to tour in Europe next year too? We saw you in Copenhagen and you were brilliant!

Westlife säger: Thank you very much, Copenhagen was a great show. and yes we are touring next year, after christmas.

fi säger: hi guys,how was yesterday evening?

Westlife säger: I went for dinner with my family and it was really nice.

Lussan säger: How do you became a band?

Westlife säger: We just did it for a laugh. Haha.

Jonna 20 säger: Hey I´m going to Ireland tomorrow morning and I wonder if you lads have any places you like me to go visit and any good pubs???

Westlife säger: There´s a lot of good places to visit in Ireland and definitely a lot of good pubs.

Caroline from Stockholm! säger: Who is best on Irish of u????

Westlife säger: Probably Mark or Nicky.

Grynet säger: Who is writing?

Westlife säger: Shane.

bianca säger: Are you going to sing "Angel" tonight?

Westlife säger: You have to wait and see.

malin 22 säger: would you consider dating a fans?? just courious... *smile*

Westlife säger: I have date a fan before but I have a girlfriend now so I´m happy.

Vanessa säger: Are you coming back in summer?

Westlife säger: I have to go now. Thanks all the fans for your love and support. Enjoy the show

tonight. See you soon.


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