Watch Kattashians at Aftonbladet TV


Four cats. One house. 24 hours a day.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet shows Kattashians – a live streamed reality show with cats.

Five cameras monitors the four Kattashians cats all day through.

It features the cats Kim, Kanye, Caitlyn and Kendall in a ”Big brother”-like environment. Aftonbladet has partnered up with the Stockholm cat shelter and the goal is to get new homes for the cats when they move out of the house.

– We have noticed a big demand for slow-tv. It gives you company in a cozy way, but most of all we hope to give the cats a chance to find a new home afterwards, says Emma Fägerwall, executive producer of Kattashians.

Watch Kattashians LIVE here!