Gerald Earl ”G-Eazy” Gillum

Prosecuted G-Eazy admits Stockholm nightclub fight


Petter J Larsson


American rap star G-Eazy risks a prison sentence in Sweden as he admits to committing the three offences he was arrested for after a Stockholm nightclub fight on Thursday morning.

On Friday morning, the 28 year old of Oakland, California admitted to assaulting an officer, violent resistance and illegal drug possession after being arrested on all three counts.

”I remember fighting with someone. I remember someone holding me down. I remember that when I tried to break free from the hold,” the rapper, whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, told the police on Friday morning, radio station P3 Nyheter reports.

”We had some disagreements, I hit a bouncer four times.”

Asked why, the rapper said that his friends felt treated disrespectfully.

G-Eazy, who had been performing in Stockholm on Wednesday night, was the only person arrested after the incident at the club Solidaritet in the Swedish capital.

The police found two bags of cocaine on the rapper.

”I had drugs in my pocket and I had taken drugs earlier that night”, G-Eazy said in the police interrogation.

Prosecutor Carl Mellberg confirmed that G-Eazy has pleaded guilty in interrogation. 

”Regarding his attitude, it is correct that he under police interrogation has admitted,” he said.

”But what matters at the end of the day is what he says in his trial. The attitude you have towards a crime could change over time. So I don’t want to go closer into what his attitude is, more than establishing what it says in the police interrogation.”

Asked what sentences the rapper could face, Mellberg said: ”I would like to skip that question. I actually prejudge the trial. Everything depends om whether he is sentenced and to what extent he will be sentenced in relation to this prosecution. But I can state that prison is within the penalty scale for these crimes.”

Aftonbladet has read the preliminary investigation, where it is written that the claimant, a member of the club's security staff, had confronted G-Eazy after noticing that there was a fight in the club’s VIP section. He described the rapper as ”insane, crazy and rabid”. After pushing the artist in the chest, the security worker ”immediately got three to four hard punches in the face until the eyes blacked out”.

Upon the arrest, police found a rolled-up hundred dollar note, ”which is a typical tool for snorting drugs”.

The police also noted that G-Eazy had white snot under his nose, making them suspect that he had been using cocaine. Body searching the artist, they found two bags with 1,5 grams of white powder, according to the preliminary investigation. 

Aftonbladet has been in touch with G-Eazy’s lawyer Mikael Westerlund, who declines to comment.


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Gerald Earl ”G-Eazy” Gillum