Elvis är helig


Ville Valo från HIM svarde på läsarfrågor

Foto: Andreas Enbuske
Ville Valo sjunger ut.

Ville Valo: hi, we are here...

Deicide: Hi Ville! How old where you when you first realized that you wanted to sing? Have you taken any songlessons?

Thanks for your music. You're great ;)

Ville Valo: when i was 13. i never had singing lessons

: what are you thinking about the music that comes from Sweden.

Ville Valo: i love kent and hellacopters

Benny: What is the biggest difference between your new album and the previous ones?

Ville Valo: the new one is better:)

vill3: Hi ville, hope you liked us yesterday because i think every one liked you guys! so the question! are you guys gonna comeback to sweden more often now? =)

Ville Valo: we are coming back in febuary

Magdalena: Hello! How come you didn’t play any ballad yesterday? However, it was a great concert in all catagories! :) Thank you so much for yesterday! /Magdalena

Ville Valo: gas doesn}t wanna play ballads

Mario: Hi! I just want to say that your music is great and i can't stop listening to your songs. Where do you get all your inspiration?

Ville Valo: from my band members :)

Join Me: Where is the video to "Funeral of hearts" shot?

Ville Valo: in finnish lapland

: Jean: What do you do in the tour-bus when you travel?

Ville Valo: gas wanks and i read

Mia: Why was the concert yesterday at Cirkus so short?? It was a great show btw

Ville Valo: we didn}t wanna bore you to death :)

HIMI: Hey Ville! I was wondering, do you ever plan going Solo or is HIM the place for you to be forever?? Terveisin Suomen pojalt! =D

Ville Valo: going solo would be way to lonely for me

jossan: why have you cut your hair?

Ville Valo: so i could follow the trends

Loghen: I really want to ask a question to the whole band. Do you have any hidden messages in your songs, like if you reverse the vocals ? Kristoffer

Ville Valo: yes! listen to the end of the new album and you will find out how satanic we really are

Magdalena: Where in sweden are you going to play in february? sthlm??? I wote for Malmö :)

Ville Valo: hopefully in malmö and göterborg as well

StarNoire: Do you ever get tired of singing and would like to play an instrument on stage instead?

Ville Valo: i}ve been playing acoustic guitar every now and then to kill my boredom

: Eve: What kind of music do you listen to?

Ville Valo: dub reggae and nothing else

Hanna: Am i right when i thinks that you have done something morde in the tatoo of a heart on your wrist? what is it?

Ville Valo: when i love i love

B[AM]ooson: Ville! What do you like most about Sweden?

Ville Valo: garlic and shots

Benny: Warner? Have you changed record company since the last album?

Ville Valo: yes

Joonas: whats in the "dark light limited edition box"?

Ville Valo: a handwritten version of the booklet by me and some extra crap

dzt: hi ville.. hultsfred or roskilde festival next year? ;

Ville Valo: hopefully both, though my favorite is roskilde

Jakob: how you became friend with bam margera?

Ville Valo: he bought our album, fell in love with it and came to see us play in london back in 2000....

Ellen: what are your favorite song you have done?

Ville Valo: probably killing loneliness from the new one

killing loneliness: Hey ville. Great show last night, I'm wondering what the song "Killing Loneliness" is about, I can't get it out of my head, and I mean that in a good way :)

Ville Valo: cool, thank you!!! it's about destroying the solitude within our souls

ROCK: in which category would you like to put him}s music? harrock? metal?

Ville Valo: we are still calling our stuff love metal...

Micke: Terve Ville. HIM has always done great cover songs. Who makes those choices

Ville Valo: we discuss about different ideas for songs at the rehearsal place and then make the decision

Mario: What's the best song in the whole world? Beside HIM i mean.

Ville Valo: can}t help falling in love with you by the king

malin: what do you want with your lyrics?

Ville Valo: to make people see the forest from the trees

Linterella: What can we fans expect from the upcoming album? Have you all gone back to the more harder HIM like at the start or more like the sound on Love Metal?

Ville Valo: it}s a combination between everything we}ve done in the past

Rasmus: what are you favorite color?

Ville Valo: purple

Join Me: Should we feel sad or hopeful when we listen to your music?

What is the whole idea with it?

Ville Valo: hopefully it}s kathartic, getting rid of your sadness by sad music... that}s how it works for me...

LYLID: Do you have any thoughts about doing an Elivs cover... ???

Ville Valo: elvis is sacred, he performed so well that it feels like a mission impossible...

: What happend with the female voice that is in some of the songs on the first album?

Ville Valo: she broke up with linde and moved to london town

DiskY: What is the biggst crowd number of people you have played for? and where?

Ville Valo: we played in front of 70 000 people in rock am ring in germany, our biggest headliner gig has been 9000 in berlin...

Vampire-Heart: how dooes it feels to be loved by so many people around the world?

Ville Valo: it}s very flattering indeed...

Joonas: are there any plans to release n "Love metal archives 2" in the future.

Ville Valo: we}ll see what happens, most of our early stuff is owned by our previous label so you}ll have to wait for a bit...

DiskY: You guys like metallica?

Ville Valo: back in the days of master of puppets...

Joonas: where and how did u guys get your first record deal?

Ville Valo: we did a few demos and sent them to all the labels, bmg loved us since the beginning and we got signed pretty quickly...

: do you like finish tango?

Ville Valo: i am made of tango...

Moderator: Nu kommer sista frågan till Ville

Hanna: If you were stuck on an island, and only could have 3things with you, what would it be?

Ville Valo: my asthma medicine, a carton of cigs and my ipod..... thank you guys!!!! see you soon!!!