”Det är kul att vara här”

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The Strokes chattade från Hultsfreds- festivalen

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Fabrizio och Nick från the Strokes chattar med aftonbladets nätläsare via telefon.

The Strokes anlände till Hultsfred med andan i halsen en timme efter utsatt tid. Trots att de var väldigt stressade och skulle upp på scen inom en timme, ville de inte missa chansen att chatta med sina svenska fans.

En liten stund hann Fabrizio och Nick svara på era frågor. Så här lät det:

The Strokes säger: Hi guys. How's it going!

Sarah from Lund säger: Hi, why did u come to Hultsfred too late?

The Strokes säger: Because we wanted to enjoy the beauty of Sweden outside the festival arena.

Hanna säger: I been a fan from the start and a totally love your music! When are you to release a new album? and is it going to be the same sound as the new one? ! Play in Danmark soon!!

The Strokes säger: Can you cut us a break, we just finished the last one. Just joking! Hopefully soon. Who knows what it will soud like. Only the Gods know!

last night säger: Me and my friens used to have you as a standard for everything that's cool. Thats the Strokes we used to say, about persons, clothes, hairstyles, everything. Who or what is the coolest/most stylish u guys know right now?

The Strokes säger: The coolest person I know right now is my wife (says Nick).

boyshambles säger: How was it to be on tour with Junkie-Pete?

The Strokes säger: I don't know. I only did two shows with him. He is crazy.

Jules Rules! säger: Nick, is it true you are going to be a father?

The Strokes säger: Yes it's true.

Sverre säger: Which bands do you listen to? Except from yourselves?

The Strokes säger: There's so many. I really like The Eagle of Death Metal.

Isabella säger: Did you even know that "Hultsfred Festival" existed, before you knew that you would play there?

The Strokes säger: To be honest: no I did not but I'm happy to be here today.

rataxes säger: Hey! Bruce Springsteen or Elvis?

The Strokes säger: Weird comparison. If I have to pick, hmm, they are both great. Don't know.

Sorry, I have to go now. We have to go up on the stage soon. Thank you all very much. It's been great chatting with you. Sorry we were so late.

Moderator säger: Tack alla chattare! The Strokes var tvugna att gå nu, de ska ju alldeles snart upp på scen! De hälsar att de tyckte att det var väldigt kul att chatta, och ber om ursäkt för att det blev så ont om tid