Star Wars ”The force awakens” görs om- i Shakespeare stil

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Nu kan du uppleva Star Wars episod VII som William Shakespeare hade skrivit den.

I oktober släpps Ian Doeschers bok ”The Force doth awaken”.

Boken blir den sjunde i Doeschers Star Wars- baserade bokserie.

I oktober kommer ”The Force doth awaken”, den sjunde i Ian Doeschers bokserie ”William Shakespeare’s Star Wars”. I böckerna återberättas händelserna i ”Star Wars”- filmerna med samma poetiska språk som syns i William Shakespeares verk.

Den första boken i serien, ”Verily, a new hope” släpptes 2013, och har följts upp med böckerna ”The empire striketh back”, ”The Jedi doth return”, ”The phantom of menace”, ”The clone army attaketh” och ”Tragedy of the Siths revenge”.

Entertainment Weekly har erhållit ett utdrag från den kommande boken, en monolog som framförs av karaktären Rey.


I can do this, and shall — I will not fail.
Controls engag’d, we fly into the air
O’er sandy dunes we soar above
Jakku. Until this moment life hath
simple been: Led only by mine
instinct to survive, Depending on no
person but myself.
Belike Fate hath for me some other plan —
E’en with th’Resistance shall my path be
join’d, Knit closely unto them as skin to
I take delight, such future to envision,
Ne’er hath my days such keen adventure known.
Tut, tut, it shall not be, nor may not, nay —
Out there, beyond the stars, my destiny
Shall not be found, for here I’m bound to
wait. Keen is my heart to see my family,
Yet when shall they return? Until that day,
Whene’er some undertaking doth arise
As has, today, come knocking on my
door, Lo, though the venture calls unto
my heart — Knocks deep within my
soul to answer it — E’en then, I know
it may not, shall not,
Restricted is my life unto Jakku,
So may I see my family again
Once they have made their certain
homecoming. Meanwhile, I shall this
bulky ship direct
If in the doing I may keep us safe.
Link’d are this droid and this man
unto me —
Deliv’rance or disaster, come apace!”