”Jag dejtar inte bara kända människor”


Läs hela chatten med Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson säger: hello, i'm here :)

Madeleine säger: Hi Kelly and welcome to Sweden! What was your first impression of Sweden when you arrived here?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: well the last time i was here it was freezing and snowing and this time it's not so i love it, haha

sofia säger: how did it feel to win The American Idol???

   Kelly Clarkson säger: pretty dang cool :)

Ida säger: In what ways have your life changed after you won American Idol?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: well i can pay my bills now and i can buy cool stuff and i get to travel the world, so i can't really complain

Tommy säger: What are you goin to do here in sweden? Anything where we can see you perform..? :)

I Just wanna say that i LOVE your latest record. you've got the voice of an angel!

   Kelly Clarkson säger: aw, you're sweet! i am just doing promo right now, we're setting up my record all over europe because i'm going to be touring here early next year and i'm super pumped about it

Malin säger: What does it takes to be an Idol, in the whole picture?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: um, it's probably different for everyone but i would say drive, confidence, and faith

diana säger: who is your favorite idol, if u only had to pick one?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i would say Annie Lennox or Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

säger: Is Kelly Clarkson your real namne, or is it just the namne you use as a singer? Artist namn...

   Kelly Clarkson säger: haha, no it's my real name

Johan säger: Which is your favourite of your own songs?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: maybe i should get a fake one though, that would be cool

caroline säger: hello i love your song behind this hazel eyes.

waht is it about?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i love the song "addicted" on my latest record, it's just super sexy and dark and i dig that

jonna21 säger: Do you know who Darin is? He was in the swedish Idol last year. And he loves your music.

   Kelly Clarkson säger: behind these hazel eyes is about someone hurting you in your life and you not letting them see that because you don't want them to have the benefit of knowing that they hurt you

   Kelly Clarkson säger: yeah i just met him and he's awesome, very nice and i dig his music

kerstin säger: Now you are a superstar, are there alot of pressure in the superstar world? :P

   Kelly Clarkson säger: there is pressure in every job all over the world, it is no different in the music industry and i have a great support system with my friends and family and an even better relationship with God so that's what keeps me grounded and secure

Veronica säger: do you have any piercings?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: yep, i have my nose pierced, 2 sets of holes in the ears and my belly button pierced

Madeleine säger: Hi Kelly! Do you have a special goal in life that you want to achieve before you die?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i want to have a succesfull marriage and family, i think that's possibly one of the hardest things to accomplish in life and i want to

sophia säger: How old are you??

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i'm 23

ibbe säger: Hello kelly!! Do you write your own lyrics??

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i wrote the lyrics and melodies to half the songs on my album and other writers write for me as well

Madeleine säger: Hi Kelly! I think you totally rock! Almost every song that you sing feels like a perfect description of MY life! Where do you get your inspiration from? Good luck in the future!

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i love writing, it's free therapy, haha

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i get all my inspiration from every day life, bad things, good things, i write about all of it

chaoz säger: Were you affected by katrina?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: everyone in the states was infected by katrina because everyone knew someone in that area or had been to that area and felt horrible for what happened, but i think the important part is not focusing on what happened and focus on what we can do to fix things and help

Madeleine säger: Hi Kelly! When you travel around the world, who/what do you miss the most on your trips?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i miss my friends, they're awesome

andreas säger: did you go to university before you became a star? And if which university?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: no, right after high school i moved to LA and started singing and writing

fancydream säger: do you have a boyfriend?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: yes

säger: Hey,could you date someone like a plumber or does he have to be succesful?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: well i think a plumber is successfull so i could date him, haha, if you mean does he have to be famous or anything like that then no, i don't just date famous people

ayla säger: hi kelly.

I really like your style. I just wonder what made you decide to become a blonde? You look great, but I think that you were more beautiful as a brunet

   Kelly Clarkson säger: haha, thank you but i get bored with the same ole hair color all the time so it will be a different color soon

Maria säger: I love the songs I've heard from you, but they all seems to be about unhappy love and breakups? Why?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: well, that's because life is full of unhappy breakups and love and those just seem to make for the best songs, but not all songs i write are like that, just this album leans a bit more towards that

säger: oooo my God i can´t belive that you are chatting with us! My question is what is your plans for the future? And Kelly your new song is sooo good! Keep on going GIRL

   Kelly Clarkson säger: thank you! my plans for the future are to keep making music, keep learning and travel more and more and tour the world

sanna säger: Hi Kelly! I'm a big fan of yours. =) Do u record any new album right now?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i'm always writing and recording so yes, but we aren't "officially" starting the new album until next year

Pontus säger: Hi Kelly. Is it frightening to be on stage when several thousen people is there?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: no, from the time i could walk i was on stage dancing so i think that got me used to it and then when i started singing it just felt natural to be on stage

gonzza säger: do you know robbie williams?

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i don't know him but i know of him

jessica säger: Hello Kelly! I relly want to thanks fore the song Since U Been Gone,It relly help me when my boyfriend breaked up whit me!:/ So THANKS fore the great song! It has made me a stronger person!:) Thanks! Now my question : has Since U been gone help you to foregett a boyfriend? Big Hugs! to a great artist!:) from Jessica

   Kelly Clarkson säger: yes, it always helps to have an anthem song you can sing at the top of your lungs about someone that broke your heart, i love songs like that

Moderator säger: The next question will be the last one

   Kelly Clarkson säger: oh man, i have to go :( i can answer 2 more questions and then i'm off to the airport

Fatso säger: Heyy Kelly, I’m a big fan of yours:) I was wondering if you will come back to Sweden any time soon and have a Concert.

   Kelly Clarkson säger: funny, haha

   Kelly Clarkson säger: i am coming and touring here early next year so yes yes yes!

   Kelly Clarkson säger: thank you guys! y'all rock for supporting me, God bless and have a good one!

kelly :)

Moderator säger: Thank you Kelly

Moderator säger: Tack alla chattare för era frågor.