Source: ”Suspected arsonist targeted Pamela Anderson”

Av: Christoffer Nilsson, Niklas Eriksson


Confused naked man arrested after having started a fire in Pamela Anderson's hotel

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A man started a fire in actress Pamela Anderson's hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.

He was arrested, naked and confused, on suspicion of attempted arson according to the police.

According to a source the ”Baywatch” star was the intruder's target.

World famous actor and model Pamela Anderson, 47, stays at Berns Hotel in central Stockholm during her visit in Sweden.

On thursday an automatic alarm in the hotel was activated shortly after Ms Anderson left for her participation in TV-show ”Skavlan” at 5:20 PM, local time.

A fire had started in a hotel room on the third floor but was quickly extinguished, according to the fire brigade that arrived at 5.40 PM.

Suspicion of attempted arson

Ten minutes later the police was alerted.

In the room next to the fire the firefighters had discovered a man.

– They discovered a confused naked man, 35-year-old, in the next room. He wasn't feeling very well and it turned out that it was his room that was on fire, says Sven-Erik Olsson, police press officer in  Stockholm.

The same evening, at 9 PM, the man was arrested and brought to Norrmalm police station.

– He has been arrested on suspicion of attempted arson. I do not know the extent of the fire, it was not very big but it was still a proliferation risk, says Sven-Erik Olsson.

”The room was a total mess”

The man had booked a room on the same floor where Pamela Anderson was staying, according to a source. Earlier in the day, she had several times gone to the room, where the man was found, to put on makeup before photo sessions.

– The room was a total mess. He had been poking in bags and rearranged the whole room. It seems likely that his actions were directed at her, because of her presence, the source states.

When Pamela Anderson returned to the hotel after the TV-show, the police was still there. Pamela Anderson and several others in her crew was questioned by the police.

– She seemed shocked by the commotion, says an eyewitness.

The actress decided to stay at the hotel,  despite the incident.

But at 11:30 PM she and her company left the hotel, but only to visit the restaurant The Nosh & Chow.

Problems with stalkers

The tripping of the sprinkler system to have caused water damage, according to Johan Winsnes, lead foreman at the fire brigade.

Since Pamela Anderson landed in Sweden she has had security personnel around her, and she has previously had problems with stalkers.

Three years ago, a woman broke into her house in Malibu and was staying in a guest room for days without being discovered.

When police arrested the woman, she wore one of Pamela Anderson's swimsuits from the time in the cult 90's series ”Baywatch”.

– When the police came, she cut her wrists, Anderson has said, according to the Telegraph.

The woman survived the suicide attempt but was later deported from the United States.

Offered to donate money

On Friday Pamela Anderson will inaugurate the nightclub Allstar in the city of Sandviken, north of Stockholm. To attract Pamela Anderson, the owners of Allstar Shawn Afshari and his business partners, have offered to donate money to an animal rights organization.

– We roll out the red carpet, she is a guest. Otherwise, nothing special happens, says Shawn Afshari.