”Jag tror att Sverige vinner”

Läs hela chatten med Johnny Logan


Johnny Logan har vunnit schlager-EM. Inte en gång. Eller två. Utan tre. 1980 och 1987 på egen hand, och dessutom en gång som låtskrivare. Det gör honom till tävlingens okrönte konung.

Naturligtvis var vi tvungna att fixa en chatt med honom.

Johnnys möte med Aftonbladets läsare (på engelska) kan ni läsa här nedan.

Johnny Logan säger: hey i"m here now

soul_lina säger: how does it feel to win such a big contest 2 times in one lifetime?

Johnny Logan säger: i won it 3 times, don"t forget ninetytwo and why me. it feels great at this time of the year. i am very proud.

Retroman säger: So what songs can win this year?

Johnny Logan säger: i have just heard sweden, and it will be very hard to beat. it sounds like a young abba.

dixon säger: How do you like Copenhagen?

Johnny Logan säger: i love it here

JonasEkman säger: I just want to say that "Hold me now" is the best ESC-song ever!!

Johnny Logan säger: thank you very much

why_me säger: What are the best songs you"ve ever heard in the contest (apart from yours)?

Johnny Logan säger: waterloo, my world is blue, gente di mare

soul_lina säger: when you won the first time, were you determined to win again?

Johnny Logan säger: not until 1987, then i needed to win

why_me säger: How big is the Song Contest in Ireland? In Sweden evereybody talks about it all the time.

Johnny Logan säger: this year there is much more interest than the last two years

Lillstrumpan säger: how do you come up with all the songs??

Johnny Logan säger: from experiences in my own life

Da Boss säger: Why is it that Ireland always competes with a ballad?

Johnny Logan säger: a good question - i don"t know....

Larson säger: What´s your opinion about that the european public decides the result of the winner and not a jury as before?

Johnny Logan säger: i have never thought that the voting system works fairly, there has to be a better way

dixon säger: Would you ever compete in the Song Contest again? Since you"ve already won it so many times...

Johnny Logan säger: i would love to be the guest, but i am not sure if my heart could take another competition

Hold me now säger: Hello Johnny! How are you today?!

Johnny Logan säger: great thanks, it is a lovely day

kaka säger: You are the King of Eurovision Song Contest, how does that title feel?

Johnny Logan säger: it is something i have always been proud of

Hold me now säger: how do you thinnk that a song must be too win?

Johnny Logan säger: if it is up-tempo instantly catchy and if it is slow from the heart

Larson säger: Do you still write songs for other artists?

Johnny Logan säger: yes

Mia säger: What about Swedens song this year, can we win or do you have another favorite?

Johnny Logan säger: i think sweden will win


Johnny Logan säger: white wine or champagne please

Hold me now( Maria from u säger: what do you do in your free time?

Johnny Logan säger: at the moment i do not have any, but if i do i scuba dive and read

GOTTE säger: Dont you think the contest loses some of its charm when everubody sings in english

Johnny Logan säger: i think the language should be the choice of the country

kristina säger: are you planning a new album soon?

Johnny Logan säger: i have a new album released in denmark, sweden, norway and belgium and it is already gold in denmark. it is titled reach for me

Hold me now säger: when do you visit Sweden?!

Johnny Logan säger: on saturday. i do a bingo lotto tv show

kaka säger: Are you married?

Johnny Logan säger: yes

Alexander! säger: Who would you like to do a duett with? Someone Swedish?

Johnny Logan säger: absolutely, why not

Hej säger: How old are u?

Johnny Logan säger: 47 or 21+tax

Angelique säger: What is the best you like of Sweden?

Johnny Logan säger: many things, the country, the people, the musicians

Katarina säger: What are you gonna sing at "Bingolotto"?

Johnny Logan säger: the new versions of why me and hold me now

musikmail.com säger: What type of music does not belong in ESC?

Johnny Logan säger: that is not for me to say

kaka säger: 3 records on a lonely island?

Johnny Logan säger: adagio for strings, no easy way to say goodbye, always look on the bright side of life

Katarina säger: which swedish musicians do you like?

Johnny Logan säger: thomas ledin, the guitar player on bingolotto, the list is endless, sweden has a history of great musicians

Draget säger: Is "What"s a another year" about artists who think that they don"t have to pay attention to their fans and therefore only release an album every five years?

Johnny Logan säger: no, it is a love song

Råttan säger: Have you tried surstromming?

Johnny Logan säger: no, they tried to make me eat it once, but it could"nt get past my nose

Mia säger: What is your favorite food?

Johnny Logan säger: sushi, italian, good food really

Hold me now säger: are you nervous some times when you are going to entertain?

Johnny Logan säger: all the time and i sometime gets ill before i perform

mo säger: Are you going to tour any time soon ?

Johnny Logan säger: i really, really hope so. i will tour in august with the london symphony orcestra, doing the music of the beatles

Sz säger: What is life like on Ireland?

Johnny Logan säger: great people, great country, great sense of humor, great music and loads of alchohol

Katarina säger: How is your life today; do you perform a lot and so on? Do you produce more for others or work "with yourself"?

Johnny Logan säger: at the moment i am touring all the time promoting reach for me, when i have some time off, i will write again, then we will see

Micke 24 säger: hello johnny what is your biggest experience about eurovision song contest

Johnny Logan säger: the doors it opens and the emotions you go through

Johnny Logan säger: thanks to all of you, i have had a blast, hope to see you all soon, bye bye....johnny