”Inga fler Britney- låtar på ett tag”

Läs hela chatten med Fran Healy och Dougie Payne från Travis

TRAVIS. Aftonbladets läsare fick chatta med de storsäljande skottarna.

I går spelade Travis i Stockholm.

Och snart är de tillbaka i Sverige igen. Det lovade bandmedlemmarna Dougie Payne (bas) och Fran Healy (sång) när de chattade med Aftonbladets läsare i dag.

Det blev många frågor om nya plattan, låtars innebörd, bandnamnet, banjo, golf, Glasgow-bon Henke Larsson, polarna i Oasis, videoidéer, Napster, favoritlåtar och mycket mycket mer.

Fran vill också hälsa att alla i bandet själva chattar ibland, på bandets officiella hemsida.

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Hello, it"s lovely to be back in your fantastic city. We had a wonderful show last night and it"s great to be back.

JonnyB säger: I looked and felt like you really loved it yesterday. How do you keep up having fun playing songs you played thousand times?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: We love playing live. When we don"t we do a lot of interviews, photo shoots, all that stuff. What makes that worthwhile is being onstage. That"s what we"re here for. We never tire of the songs.

Stockholm_Babe säger: What did you think about the audience yesterday?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: We had a great show last night. We loved the crowd, they were enthusiastic, and we liked the response top the new songs. People didn"t just walk off to the bars, they really listened.

Travis-fan säger: Where did you get your name from?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: The name comes from a film called Paris, Texas, directed by Wim Wenders. Harry Dean Stanton plays a character named Travis - it"s one of our favourite films.

Acquiesonic säger: Is banjo the ultimate rock-instrument, I mean you have it on 2 tracks on The Invisible band?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: I think the banjo is probably one of the least fashionable instruments in the world. But when it came to recording the album, we thought we should try everything. We think it worked well, but we don"t want to be held responsible for a banjo resurgence.

Lotte20 säger: What do you think about Celtic and Henrik Larsson?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Well, I"m, a Rangers supporter. But I"m glad to see Celtic doing well, it makes Scottish football more interesting. He"s a fantastic player - I wish he"d play for Rangers.

driftwood säger: I saw you at the Roskilde Festival and your last song was called "Safe" (i"m not sure) but is it to be found at any of your records?? Because I really liked it, as all your songs!

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Safe is on The Invisible Band. We recorded it in the forst sessions in LA. It"s the oldest song of the album - we wrote it 8 years ago and then forgot about it.

groovy säger: Any favorite places in Scotland that you recommend?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Glasgow, being my hometown. And if you go to Glasgow, make the effort to go to Loch Lomond. It"s just an hour away and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Thomas säger: Discribe Noel Gallagher with one word

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Charming.

JonnyB säger: Which is the best record out this year you think?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Boards of Canada - "Music has the right to children". I think it was out last year, but it"s the best I"ve heard for a long, long time.

Lindman säger: What do you think about Swedish music?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: I don"t know much Swedish music. But ABBA are quality, and Max Martin is an ingenious songwriter. I think Sweden has a tradition of writing great pop songs.

Stockholm_Babe säger: Do you prefer girls with blond or brown hair?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Brown. It"s because I"m blond myself. Opposites attract...

Hellsing säger: Did you have any idols when you wre young?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: David Bowie and Beatles. And my mum, dad and sisters.

penta säger: Do any of you play golf?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Neil, our drummer is a very keen golfer. But he doesn"t get much chance to golf when we"re on tour.

eury säger: What"s your opinion about Loch Ness?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: I think there"s something mysterious in Loch Ness. But hopefully we"ll never know for sure - it would ruin the tourist industry!

Frida säger: I have to say! You were wonderful yesterday!

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Thank you very much! So were you.

jack_c säger: You can tell a lot about a person from his favourite Beatles song - which is yours?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: That"s difficult...it changes, but my favourite right now is Tomorrow Never Knows, I think.

Kristin säger: Are you plying in Sweden again soon?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: We will hopefully be playing the festivals during the summer, don"t know exactly where yet, and tour Europe again by the end of the year.

Bonehead säger: what is rock"n"roll to you

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Fun!

Rikard säger: Are you ever nervous just before a big perfomance?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Always. If you don"t get nervous before a show you should be doing something else. It"s part of the excitement and adrenalin.

Rockstar säger: Will Oasis be back in good shape with their new album?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Yes, I can almost guarantee it. The new songs Noel"s played for us were fantastic, and I think the new line-up is their best ever.

eury säger: What"s the worst about being famous?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: To be honest, we don"t feel famous. We don"t get recognized much in the street, we don"t get hassled by people. We try to get our priorities right, concentrating on writing songs.

Sweetie säger: I like your music a lot, but what music do you like yourselves??? You can"t chose your own... *smile*

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: I still like Beatles and Bowie, U2, Boards of Canada, Scott Walker...anything that"s a good song.

Uncarismatic säger: I like your song Driftwood a lot. What was the feeling when you wrote this song?

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: Driftwood is a song we"re still trying to figure out what it"s about. But we think it"s about letting go and not being in control...just floating in a mighty stream.

travis rocks säger: do you know sharleen spiteri from texas? she´s from glasgow to!

Dougie Payne (Travis) säger: I"ve met her once, but never in Glasgow. She seems like a nice lassie.

Moderator säger: Nu byter vi och Fran Healy svarar på frågorna. Vi fortsätter strax...

driftwood säger: Why does it always rain on you Fran??

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Hello everybody! Because I lied when I was seventeen.

happy säger: What size audience do you have in London shows? Any difference to here?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: London shows are bigger. The biggest we did in London was at Brixton Academy, with 4000 people.

jabba hutt säger: will you appear on any swedish tv-showes when your here?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: No.

alice säger: What song do you wish you had written?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Happy Birthday To You.

Asta säger: How was it to be in da Ali G show?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: It was the coolest thing that I did when we promoted The Man Who. Sasha is a really, really, really funny man.

Karin säger: Could you ever go out with a fan?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: My fiancé is a fan of the band. She wasn"t when I met her, so I"m getting married to a fan, in a way.

Asta säger: Do you prefer rugby or football?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Football.

Last laugh säger: What made you use French words in Last laugh of the laughter?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: I was on holiday in Israel and met some French people. I thought that it would be good to see if French language worked in that particular song. So I asked them to translate some lyrics for me. And they did. And it sounded really good.

Kristin säger: I like the videos from the last album, who decides the concepts for your videos?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: The director chose concepts. We, the band, chose the director based on his previous work and just let them do what they want with the song.

malin_the_great säger: Wich one of your songs do you like the most?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Driftwood.

Uncarismatic säger: What is your feeling that people download your songs for free, like from Napster

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: All music is free, so I"m a very big supporter of Napster. I would still be writing songs if there was no money involved in it.

eury säger: Teach us Scottish slang! :)

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: If you say "I"m goan ben the scullery" means "I"m going through to the kitchen" and "Aye" means yes, "naw" means "no", and "pure brilliant" means "very, very exceptional".

Kajja säger: Are you so nice as you look like???;)

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: I think all of the boys in the band are decent people. But like anyone else, when taken advantadge of or when seeing any form of injustice we will act accordingly.

Gigbag säger: Guiness or Kilkenny??

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Guinness. But only when in Dublin.

WendellGee säger: Do you listen much to scottish music, and if so, whom?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: No, I don"t listen to much music at all really, never mind Scottish.

Dan säger: What did you lie about when you were seventeen?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: If I told you I would have to kill you. In other words - top secret.

Asta säger: Your voice is great! Have you taken singinglessons or are you just a natural talent?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: I"ve never had any singing lesson. I"ve just been singing for a very, very long time.

asi säger: All the young dudes was really cool last night, no more britney??

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Not for the time being. Not until Max Martin writes another cracking song for her.

Gram Parsons säger: Is Glasgow much like in "Trainspotting"?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Trainspotting was set in Edinburgh. But there are certain parts of Glasgow that are very much like Trainspotting. In fact, much of the film was shot in Glasgow.

London Calling säger: What songwriters are you inspired of? Morrissey? Woody Guthrie? Strummer?

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: All of the above. And a whole lot more. Not just songwriters - comedians, painters, sculptors, poets, magicians, sportsmen...people.

asi säger: When can we expect a live album ??

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: I don"t know, actually... I think, definitely at one point there will be one. Not so much a live album, but there have been plans to film a gig in Glasgow. A small gig, in 35mm film. That"d really make it good, you know. Maybe in the next few years.

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Thanks everyone, be good, have fun, and we"ll see you very very soon, I"m sure.

Fran Healy (Travis) säger: Lots of love, Fran XXX