– Jag sa ”aldrig mer” efter andra filmen

Läs hela chattet med Paul ”Crocodile Dundee” Hogan


Ja, Paul Hogan hade bestämt sig. Men efter några års vistelse i Los Angeles kände han att han bara måste få se Crocodile Dundee besöka stället.

Så hatten och kniven åkte fram igen. När Paul Hogan chattade med Aftonbladets läsare blev det, förstås, en hel del krokodilfrågor – men också prat om hattar, Sverige, kändisskap och mycket mycket mer.

Paul Hogan säger: Hello, this is Paul Hogan. Now I"m here.

gus säger: which one of all three Crocilde Dundee movies was most fun to do?

Paul Hogan säger: They"re all fun to do. The first one, of course, was the most fun because it was new ground.

Nislon säger: Hello mr Hogan! Why did it take you so long to make the third film about Mick Dundee?

Paul Hogan säger: I"m very slow! And I said "never" after the second one. Then I lived in LA for a couple of years. And I got the urge to see Crocodile Dundee visit that strange place.

Stefan säger: Hello Paul! Love your movies! Is that gigant knife of yours hard to handle?

Paul Hogan säger: No. As long as you"re careful.

Angeliqa säger: Have you done your own stunts in the past two films? Will you be doing them in the new one?

Paul Hogan säger: Yes, because, they"re not difficult stunts. I"m not stupid enough to do anything life-threatening.

Claudio säger: are u in real life like dundee??

Paul Hogan säger: I invented him, so he has my sense of humour and my oputlook. But I don"t hunt crocodiles with a knife...

Gator säger: Is it going to be a fourth Crocodile Dundee movie?

Paul Hogan säger: No, it took me so long to do the third one. So if I thought out a fourth one, I"d be in a retirement village by then.

Tony_19 säger: Hello Paul! What do you think about Sweden?

Paul Hogan säger: I"ve only been here in the summer, so I love it! If I came back in the winter the love might cool off a bit.

gus säger: what have do done since the last movie?

Paul Hogan säger: Very little. I have business interests and I live a very relaxed, fun-filled life. I only make movies every couple of years as a hobby.

Sarah säger: Hello, Mr. Hogan! I was wondering; If you hadn"t become an actor, what would you do for a living instead?

Paul Hogan säger: Good question. I don"t know I had proper jobs until I was 30, so I was a late starter in the entertainment business. And I can"t imagine a better job.

Andreas säger: what is your next movie project that you will be working on ??

Paul Hogan säger: I don"t have one, I"ll stop working again for a couple of years.

Robert säger: How old are you??

Paul Hogan säger: 60. But I only look 59.

Little Fluffy Clouds säger: Where in Australia are you from?

Paul Hogan säger: The Blue Mountains, outside of Sydney. And now I live in Byron Bay, a very popular beachtown with many Swedish backpackers.

Little Fluffy Clouds säger: Do you have a website or a fan club?

Paul Hogan säger: No. I work so seldom, and tend to disappear between jobs.

Jome säger: Which of the Dundee-films are you most satisifed with?

Paul Hogan säger: All three. This one is the funniest, but the first was the original. The second was so fun to do.

viv säger: If you were an animal, would you be a crocodile?

Paul Hogan säger: No...what would I be? A kangaroo, since I"m very Australian and like the outdoors.

lillajag säger: are you married?

Paul Hogan säger: Yes. Married to my co-star in the Crocodile Dundee movies. Linda Kozlowski.

Frankie säger: Hi Paul! How was it to wrestle crocodiles in the movies?

Paul Hogan säger: Not much fun. They have no sense of humour and really bad skin.

Gator säger: Do you prefer the Australian outback or the city?

Paul Hogan säger: The outback. There"s no comparison.

Eric säger: Hi Paul!! Have you had any close encounter with a real crok?

Paul Hogan säger: Not since the first movie. Because some of that film was shot in heavy crocodile waters. But only close.

Reverend Fist säger: Hi Paul! When did you get the idea about this character?

Paul Hogan säger: During my first visit to New York. I felt like a bushnman, overwhelmed by the city. So I exaggerated it a bit and made a movie out of it.

Hanzi säger: Have you tasted Crocodile meat?

Gator säger: what do you like most about playing dundee?

Paul Hogan säger: Yes. People say it tastes like chicken - it doesn"t. It tastes like crocodile, and I wouldn"t recommend it.

Paul Hogan säger: It"s a fun character, they"re funny movies.

Johanna säger: Hey Paul! I really dig your hat. Could you maybe tell me were I could get a hold of one?

Paul Hogan säger: It"s an acubra. You can get them in Australia, but not with the crocodile teeth. You have to catch those yourself.

Angeliqa säger: Have any of the caracters in the movies existed in real life?

Paul Hogan säger: Oh yes, all of them. Particularily in Crocodile Dundee in L.A. Everyone is based on people I"ve met.

karin säger: how did you get into the movie buissnes? how did you get the money to make the movie and some company interested to do it?

Paul Hogan säger: I raised the money myself, from friends and people who were fans of my TV show. They gambled on me and it paid off, big time.

Nicholas säger: hey paul! have you ever been injured while filming?

Paul Hogan säger: Not seriously, just bruises.

Annicka_22 säger: Hi Mr Hogan! Do you have any children?¿?

Paul Hogan säger: I have six cildren. Five sons and a daughter, the five from my first marriage are all grown up. And with Linda I have a two and a half years old son.

TownWoman säger: Can You sing? You should be a rockstar...abit like Rod Stewart!

Paul Hogan säger: I"m about his age. And I can sing. But I don"t.

axel säger: does people recognize you on the street, or do you have to wear a beard or something to hide?

Paul Hogan säger: I wear a baseball cap and sunglasses, and as long as I don"t speak people don"t recognize me that much. But if I wear the hat...

Mares säger: Do you ever had a problem or a fight filming with your wife?

Paul Hogan säger: No. It"s hard to do a love story with someone you don"t like, but with someone you love, it"s just fun.

Frankie säger: Hi Paul! Why do you have such a big knife??

Paul Hogan säger: There are big crocodiles in that part of the world.

Paulina säger: Hello! What"s the worst thing about being famous?

Paul Hogan säger: The lack of privacy. But it"s not really a problem, if you want to keep your privacy - sing in the bathroom and stay off the stage.

Paul Hogan säger: People all around the world have been very friendly to me, it might have been different had I played Hannibal the Cannibal.

Bluesman säger: How do U stay in such a good shape?

Paul Hogan säger: Mostly genetics. My mother is 94. And I lead a very active outdoor life.

Ishmael säger: What is the biggest different between this movie and the first two movies?

Paul Hogan säger: Ten years. And that this one"s funnier. Not necessarily better, just funnier.

Ceco säger: You are my hero! What do you think about the swedish girls?

Paul Hogan säger: What is not to like? They"re breathtaking. But I"m only allowed to look...

dunhill säger: is your character influenced by steve irwin, the crocodilehunter?

Paul Hogan säger: No. He came about eight years after the first movie. I think it might be the other way around.

Ashladen säger: G"day mate! How did it feel to be in the ceremony for the Olympics? You were great!

Paul Hogan säger: It was a great honour. The Olympics were fabulous.

mona säger: Mr Hogan, I wonder which is your favorit movie and your favorit moviestar (besides your wife)?

Paul Hogan säger: The last movie I really enjoyed was "The full monty". My favourite movie star: Julia Roberts.

Johanna säger: If you could make one wish, what would it be?

Paul Hogan säger: A long life and good health to everyone I know, especially my children.

mir säger: What is your favorite beer?

Paul Hogan säger: Foster"s.

Ron Jeremy säger: Give me one good reason to go to Australia.

Paul Hogan säger: Foster"s. No, seriously, there is not one. I could give you twenty, but I haven"t the time.

karin säger: have you made any movies except for Crocodile dundee?

Paul Hogan säger: Almost an angel, Lightning Jack, Anzacs...and Flipper! But I don"t count that one because I didn"t write it. I usually just make my own movies.

Becca säger: Is your wife here in sweden with you?

Paul Hogan säger: Yes. And our youngest son. She"s out shopping right now.

snoffe säger: Where is the new movie shot?

Survivor säger: What is your most fun memory during the filming of this movie?

Paul Hogan säger: Partly in the Outback, and the rest around LA. Venice Beach, Beverly Hills...all over.

Paul Hogan säger: When hanging over the crocodile swamp, in a tree. There were real crocodiles in the water. It was exciting.

Paul Hogan säger: Bye, now I"m off to explore Stockholm, and stop my wife from shopping!