”Velociraptorn var roligast att göra”

Läs chattet med dinosauriernas designer Stan Winston


Stan Winston, med fyra Oscar-statyetter på kontoret, chattade i dag med Aftonbladets läsare.

Han är i Sverige för att tala om dinosaurierna han skapat till ”Jurassic Park III” och det blev en hel del frågor om jätteödlorna. Men också om ”Terminator 3”, ”Aliens” , skulpturer, hur man tar sig in i branschen, datoranimerade människor och mycket mer.

Här kan du läsa hela chattet!

Foto: swfx.com
Har fyra Oscar Stan Winston chattade med Aftonbladets läsare.

Stan Winston säger: Hi everyone! This is Stan Winston. My studio designed the dinosaurs for all the Jurassic Park films and created the live action and animatronic dinosaurs for all thee films.

Robin säger: Hello, mr. Winston! I have question: What is the most important part in your work? Tha artistic talent, or the technical?

Stan Winston säger: Always the artistic leads the technical. It"s mosat important to know artistically what the character - or creature - needs to look like and how it must perform. Then figure out what tech is needed.

BlueTiger säger: When did you first begin working with specialeffects?

Stan Winston säger: I"m not a special effects person - I create creatures and characters for films. I started as a make-up artist professionally in 1969. And I"ve continued adding technologies to help these creations ever since.

Your biggest fan Fred säger: Do you have any new projects in the loop? How wabout T3?

Stan Winston säger: T3 is a possibility, the script isn"t finished. I"ve been approached by the producers but nothing"s finished.

The most important thing I"m presently creating is a new toy line called "Stan Winston creatures" which will be action figures that are brand new creatures and characters never before seen, designed and sculpted anmd created by the same artist who have been the designers for all of the movies, creatures and characters my studio"s known for.

shmuel säger: What dino was the most fun to make?

Stan Winston säger: The most fun for me is the velociraptor, because it has the biggest acting part in Jurassic Park III and its range of performance is outstanding. But the biggest challenge was the spinosaur, it had to be bigger faster and morre powerful than even the T-Rex.. But we accomplished that.

Joel säger: Which one of your creations are you most proud over?

Stan Winston säger: I"m most proud of the entire body of work. I love to go into my studio, and see the Predator, the Terminator, The queen Alien, Edfward Scissorhands and the Jurassic Park dinosaurs. I take great pride in all of them, humbly, because I"m not responsible but all of the brilliant directors and artists and engineers anmd technicians that I have been fortunate enough to work with have created these creatures - I just take credit for it.

Ustinov säger: So, where have you put your Oscar statues? On the mantelpiece, or in a vault?

Stan Winston säger: The Oscars are in my office at Stan Winston Studios.

Joel säger: What do you find most interesting; scuplting, makup or animatronics?

Stan Winston säger: I am by nature a sculptor and artist. In my spare time I sculpt.

Viv säger: What would be youre "dreamproject"?

Stan Winston säger: Impossible question to answer - whenever a wonderful story has to be told and involves fantastic creatures or characters I hope and dream that I will be involved.

ali säger: what software do you mostly work with?

Stan Winston säger: I don"t work with software. The technology behind the CG animation comes from ILM, and the animatronics and robotics are created by the geniuses at my studio. I however know nothing! Sorry.

Anton h säger: Hello Stan which film do you think is the best Action/adventure ever?(I THINK SEVEN SAMURAI¨)

Stan Winston säger: Oh boy... that"s a hard question to answer. Of the films that I"ve been involved with I would say three or four, Jurassic Park III, Aliens and Terminator 2.

Anders E säger: Do you think CGI eventually will put craftsmen like you out of business?

Stan Winston säger: Absolutely not. CGI is a wonderful new technology and tool for the artist. I embrace computer animation. I love seeing totally computer-animated films but no technology will ever replace live performance. It"s another way of telling a story. People will always enjoy live theatre, and movies, and cell animation and digitally animated films like Shrek. People will always love films told by brilliant actors like Pacino or De Niro, people will always love seeing a combination of live and animation effects like Jurassic Park III, and want to see how real and organic we can go with robotic and animatronic puppets and they will also always enjoy the Muppets. Technology will never replace any form of storytelling.

BlueTiger säger: For how long did you work on the creatures of Jurassic Park 3?

Stan Winston säger: For eight years, since Jurassic Park I. It was research and development for Lost World, and that was r&d for Jurassic Park III. This is r&d for tomorrow. Actually on Jurassic Park III we started designing in December 1999, worked through 2000 and finished shooting in January of 2001, so we actually were working on this movie for 14 months.

andreasl säger: I saw Jurassic Park III yesterday and I was amazed by the velociraptors, but I wonder about the flying dinosaurs, were they computer generated or "real"?

Stan Winston säger: The flying sequences were all CGI. When you first see the dinaosaur walking out of the fog coming toward the young boy it is live action. When you see them walking on the catwalk it"s a combination of man in suit, animatronic head and puppeted wings, the babies in the nest and attacking the young boy was a combination of live-action puppets and CGI in every shot.

spelled säger: What do I have to study to be able to work at your studio?

Stan Winston säger: Everything. Basically art, basic drawing painting and sculpting, engineering, computer technology, computer design, and theatre/performance.

Johan säger: How large is your staff working with you in a film?

Stan Winston säger: This year we were doing Jurassic Park III and A.I simultaneously, and there were over 150 people employed at Stan Winston Studios.

Lucas säger: When will you be able to make computer-animated humans?

Stan Winston säger: Computer-animated humans are being created now. It"s a matter of perfecting subtle nuances. We are also attempting more and more human replication in animatronics and robotics.

www.makeup-fx.com säger: Do you miss working on small scale films when you had to do everything yourself?

Stan Winston säger: In some ways I miss being hands-on but I love being surrounded by the most talented artists in the world, and I get great pleasure from touching their work.

KinnaDaniel säger: Hello Stan, what are you doing on your freetime, any cool hobby?

Stan Winston säger: Sculpting. And I spend much time with my family. I love riding my Harley-Davidson, and driving fast cars.

Robin säger: What do you think about films like "Matrix". Isn´t that too much special effects in one film?

Stan Winston säger: I"ve totally enjoyed "Matrix". I don"t think it"s too much as long as it works for the movie. I was a fan. If the story supports the effects it"s fine. When the effects overshadow the story, it"s a waste.

Fredrik säger: how much freedom did you/your studio have design-wise in ALIENS?

Stan Winston säger: No freedom - collaboration. There were two concepts we needed to be true to, one: the original design from "Alien" by H.R Giger and two: James Cameron had created a design for the queen alien of which I collaborated with him to come up with the final design. But ultimately the queen was a James Cameron design and the aliens were an HR Giger design.

taggen säger: Did you ever hesitate before agreeing to work with JP III and do you think there will be a fourth one?

Stan Winston säger: No, I never hesitated. I have a pride of ownership with the Jurassic Park dinosaurs. I would have been upset had someone else done the movie. And I think there will be a Jurassic Park IV because we"re seeing with Jurassic Park III that no one is getting tired of the dinosaurs

Stan Winston säger: It was a pleasure talking with everyone. Enjoy Jurassic Park III and I look forward to coming back

to Stockholm the next time I have something to share, and that you invite me. Ciao!