”Jag växte upp på en båt”

Läs hela chattet med Heather Nova


Singer-songwriterstjärnan Heather Nova släpper sin nya platta i höst. Men redan i dag kan du lyssna på förstasingeln ”I'm no angel” på aftonbladet.se

I dag chattade också Heather med Aftonbladets läsare.

Det blev många frågor om musiken, men också mycket mer.

Här kan du läsa hela chattet i sammandrag!

Heather chattade.

Heather Nova säger: I"m here in Stockholm now.

muggel säger: Do you feel fine up there in Sweden Heather?

Heather Nova säger: Yes, it"s warm and sunny and that makes me feel fine.

helena23 säger: I relly like your music! What sound does your new record have??

Heather Nova säger: The new record sounds more laid-back and kind of natural and warm. It"s less of a rock album.

Mustalainen säger: What"s your favourite tracks on the new album?

Heather Nova säger: My favourites are Help me be good to you, Waste the day and Just been born.

Smoocher säger: hi Heather, any tour dates for sweden?

Heather Nova säger: I think I"ll be playing here around the 17th of November, in Stockholm, but I"m not sure of the exact date.

doktorn säger: Have you released any other albums besides Siren?

Heather Nova säger: Yes, I"ve released Blow, Oyster, Glowstars, Wonderlust.

muggel säger: When you rush through Europe this autum, what do you miss most?

Heather Nova säger: My husband!

helena23 säger: I´m a very big fan of yours, I just wanna say that I look forward to yor record-release! Love you!

Heather Nova säger: Oh, thanks! That"s sweet.

White Knight säger: Hi Heather! First I have to be honest, I have never heard of you at all. But I have to say that you are the most beutiful girl I"ve ever seen. But now to my question: What do a guy need to do to make you smile?

Heather Nova säger: Talk less about how I"m looking and go by the record!

Rockis säger: heather, is it true that you grew up on a boat?

Heather Nova säger: Yep, that"s true. It was a 40ft boat built by my parents, I lived on it with my brother, sisters, parents, a dog and a cat.

malin säger: where do u live now?

Heather Nova säger: I don"t really live anywhere!

Boner säger: how old are you Heather? (if I may ask)

Heather Nova säger: I"m in my early 30s.

josse säger: hi there, saw you on lowlands last year, fantastic! are you looking foward to your gig in amsterdam soon?

Heather Nova säger: I loved playing in Lowlands, and Holland in general. The crowds are great!

Sara säger: When did you start making music? I have to say that you inspired me to make music, thanks!

Heather Nova säger: I"m so happy to hear that! I myself started to play the guitar and write songs when I was 13. Good luck with your music!

Frasse säger: Just heard No angel, and it sounds great!!!! Looking forward to the new album!!! Going to Bermuda in August, any good places to recomend???

Heather Nova säger: The beach! Bermuda has the most beautiful beaches in the world.

light säger: if something bad happends to you does it feel better if you write a song about it?

Heather Nova säger: Yes, songwriting helps me to make sense of my life.

Avatar säger: If you had to pick one rock song, which one would it be? ;)

Heather Nova säger: For what? I don"t think I could choose one, it"s too difficult!

Nic säger: Hallo Heather! What does man ned to do to charm you?

Heather Nova säger: Make me laugh and give me a good foot massage.

light säger: thank you for your beautiful lyrics!

Heather Nova säger: Thank you for listening.

nils säger: what so special about the record you think

Heather Nova säger: I hope that this record has a warm rootsy feeling. I want it to make people feel good.

helena23 säger: What´s the most important thing in arelatonship when you live a life like you do??

Heather Nova säger: Communication.

siren säger: Out of your songs, which (to you) stands out more than the others, and why?

Heather Nova säger: That"s hard...let me think. Different songs have meant different things to me at different times.

White Knight säger: What do you think about Britney vs. Madonna?

Heather Nova säger: Ha ha ha. I think Madonna rocks.

helena23 säger: If I asked you to sing at my wedding, what would you sing?

Heather Nova säger: You get to choose - it"s your wedding!

Cosmic Whale säger: You really seem to be a cool person that lives in harmony. How do you manage to stay so calm and close to yourself in such a superficial and demanding business like the music industry?

Heather Nova säger: Ha ha ha. I"m definitely not always in harmony... but I guess the secret is to get away from everything every now and then. I like to get away from the city and go to the sea sometimes, to relax and gather my thoughts.

d_b säger: what"s your opinion about angry singersongwriter-women like Anouk (i think they stink) or ríotgrrrls (better IMHO)?

Heather Nova säger: Everybody has to express how they feel. But I"m not interested in being angry right now.

Maj-Lis säger: Are you single?

Heather Nova säger: No, but thanks for asking.

circia säger: hello heather! what"s your favorit place in the whole world?

Heather Nova säger: I"m going to keep that a secret, because I don"t want everybody else going there. Thank you everyone for tuning in today. Hope you"ll enjoy the album and I"ll see you on tour. Peace and love, Heather