”We love Sweden and Swedish girls”

Läs hela chattsammandraget med Paul och Christian från A1

Foto: Björn Lindahl
Christian och Paul från A1 chattade

Christian gillar svenska tjejer och köttbullar med potatismos. Och Paul gillar Carola.

Läs hela chattsammandraget med Paul och Christian från populära A1.

A1 säger: Hey everybody! Paul and Christian here! Sorry we"re a bit late. Come with your questions!!!

sophie säger: What do you think off Sweden?

A1 säger: Sweden is great. In fact the two of us came here on holiday with some friends last summer! The food"s great, the girls are even greater, and it"s such as cool atmosphere here!

Sanna säger: Have anyone else than Paul got any tattoos or piercings??

A1 säger: Not as far as we know. There are however suspicions that some might be concealed!

DvD säger: what does a1 stand for?

A1 säger: It can mean anything you want it to mean! The main reason was the expression "a number 1" which means "the best".

Susaniz säger: Your new album is it gonna be diffrent from the old once?

A1 säger: It is! The new single Caught in the middle is very much representative for the rest of the album. It"s in our minds the best album we"ve made, and there are even better songs to come!

izabella säger: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

A1 säger: Christian: Britney! Paul: Neither! They"re both far too young for me!

caroline säger: what other boygroup do you like the most?

A1 säger: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Temptations, Wham and N"sync

Ninni säger: Do you have any favourite swedish artist?

A1 säger: Carola! Abba! Roxette!

sophie säger: Whats your favorite food?

A1 säger: Paul: Curry! Christian: Swedish meatballs with mashed potato and tyttebärsyltetöy!

Ulrika,23 säger: How many times have you been in sweden`?

A1 säger: With the band: six times now! On holiday etc, we"ve been here countless times. We love it here!

caroline säger: how come you know who carola is? she isn"t very famous in europe?

A1 säger: Are you crazy?! She sang "Främling"!!!- Paul

alexandra säger: how old are all of u?

A1 säger: Ben: 20, Mark 23, Christian 25, Paul 27

A2 säger: Do you have girlfriends??

A1 säger: Paul is engaged and the rest of us are single!

Vicky säger: How is it that Christian got in the group?

A1 säger: Paul: I auditioned him and thought "what the heck"! Christian: HEY!!!

sabrina säger: is it trouth that yuo going to split

A1 säger: No!!!!!

izabella säger: Whos the most nice/stupid celebrity you ever met?

A1 säger: Paul: Christian! Christian: Paul! No, seriously, Lionel Ritchie is one of the nicest people you can ever meet.

Ulrika,23 säger: HI. Where are your new video "Caught in the middle" recorded?

A1 säger: It was recorded in Finland"!

Susaniz säger: Are you guys gonna have a concert here soon?

A1 säger: The plan is to extend our world tour here this coming fall. Make sure you get a ticket!!!

p_chileno säger: Do you like rap music??

If u do, What artist????

Peace Marco

A1 säger: U God, Nelly, Biggie, Wu Tang, and 2Pac are our favourites.

DvD säger: what do you prefer, girls or boys?

A1 säger: Paul: I prefer boys dressed up as girls! Just kidding!

Christian: Of course we prefer girls! The more of them the better! Especially swedish ones!

Timi säger: Hi! You are absolutely best! What are your plans for the future?

A1 säger: The plan is to promote the third album throughout the world, then commence our tour later this year.

Oscar säger: What are you think about Westlife and Backstreet boys?

A1 säger: We thought the Backstreet Boys had some pretty cool songs.

izabella säger: What´s the worst pick up line any woman has said to you?

A1 säger: Can"t remember. Sorry.

Neophox säger: Can you live a normal life or is it a hard life?

A1 säger: It"s not a "normal life" as such, because of the strange hours we put in, the constant attention from media, girls etc. But it"s not a hard life. It"s a very rewarding and exciting life.

Lixa säger: Describe your dreamwoman!

A1 säger: Paul: 5 foot 4 inches, dark hair, dark skin, green eyes and a Brazilian wax!

Christian: Kind, caring, funny, intelligent and sexy!

Viktoria säger: Hey guys! What´s the reason that you Aha´s song "Take on me"?

A1 säger: It"s a great song, and it helped us get media attention and our first UK number 1!

LaNina säger: If you couldn"t be a singer, what would you like to work as?

A1 säger: Christian: I guess I quite enjoy some acting. But music is what I probably would do in some shape or form.

Paul: I"d like to own an all-male strip club.

Anna Tess säger: What kind of music do you listen on at home?

A1 säger: Christian: Everything and anything! My favourites are Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, George Michael etc.

Paul: Prince, Jamiroquai, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Black Crowes etc.

Amanda säger: Hey! Do u guys write your one music??

A1 säger: We have always written our own music.

Madde** säger: Hey!

i most ask you...how do you be a band?

A1 säger: A good way to start is to find out about auditions through music magazines etc. If you are already in a band, try to find a great management and gig as often as possible. True talent and desire to make it will always shine through!

A1 säger: Thanks for the questions guys! Have to go now unfortunately. We hope you enjoy the new single Caught in the middle, and we can"t wait to come back soon! Bye!!!!