”I´m dating a Swedish guy so I love Swedish people!”

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Shanna Smith säger:  Hello to everybody! Thank you for watching and supporting the Melody festival!

Johan säger: Hallo Shanna, how did you celebrate last Saturday?

Shanna Smith säger: I went to a party downstairs that was thrown for all the artists. I just danced and had a good time!

Alleman säger: Shanna are you disappointed in Sweden? Did you feel we didn"t give you a chance because you aren"t Swedish?

Shanna Smith säger: No, actually I´m not disappointed at all. I felt I had a great opportunity and I felt like the Swedish people were very generous and kind. I don´t have any hard feelings at all!

peach säger: Hello, Shanna I think that you were the best and most beautiful girl in the competition. Is there a cd coming soon?

Shanna Smith säger: Thank you som much! Yes, there is. A cd will be out this week, I think. I´m signed with Lionheart in Sweden and that album will be out in September. That cd will be like Foo Fighters meet Avril Lavigne meet Garbage.

Märta säger: What do you think about us Swedes?

Shanna Smith säger: I´m dating a Swedish guy so I love Swedish people! When I told Americans that I was going to Sweden everyone said that you were the most gorgeous people in the world! And you are!

Hasse Nilsson säger: Helo shanna smith, i think your song was really great. why didnt u win?

Shanna Smith säger: Did you vote?! :) I don´t know, I don´t know if it was a schlagerfestivalsong, maybe it was more of a classic song. But thank you so much!

Alleman säger: Did you think the other songs you competed against were typical weird Swedes?

Shanna Smith säger: Actually, I liked all the other songs. I was in Sweden last year, and I think that this year was better. There were more radio-friendly songs. So I don´t think the songs were weird!

snurre säger: how long have you been singing???

u have a incredible voice

Shanna Smith säger: Thank you! I started with musical theatres when I was 8 years old. My parents got me into music and dance lessons. Then I went to a music school in Nashville. So I started when I was about 8.

Alleman säger: What is your favorite among the other contesters in Melodifestivalen so far?

Shanna Smith säger: Gosh! That´s so hard to tell, but I have to say Jill Johnson. She did a fantastic job, it was great!

Mathiasfans säger: Shanna, we loved your pats! Jimi Hendrix..Oh right! You where soooooo good!

Shanna Smith säger: I got them here in Stockholm last year I was here. It adds an element of rock and pop to the festival instead of the ordinary costume.

Alleman säger: Do you like some Swedish singers or bands?

Shanna Smith säger: I do! I like Kent, Soundtrack of our Lives, they have a really neat vibe about them. And of course Cardigans.

Shanna Smith säger: Good bye and thank your for chatting with me! If you want to ask me more questions you can go to www.shannasmith.com. I t will be updated with different clips with music.