Läs alla frågor och svar från Metallica-chattet


I dag chattade Metallicas frontman James Hetfield exklusivt på aftonbladet.se. Över 1500 personer var inne och chattade, så tyvärr kunde inte alla få svar på sina frågor.

James Hetfield.

James Hetfield säger: Hello it´s James here, and it´s great to be here in Stockholm.

Metallica rocks säger: Which of your other albums sounds the most like St. Anger?

James Hetfield säger: ... and justice for all

Sofia S säger: How are things working with the new member of the band??

James Hetfield säger: Rob is amazing, he was meant to be with us. He has an amazing attitude, and is a great bass player. It´s been an easy transition.

Lars säger: James! Thanx for the music. Are you and Lars as tough on the other band members as the press say?

James Hetfield säger: We used to be.. but not anymore

Greven säger: Wich are your 3 favourite METALLICA albums?

James Hetfield säger: St Anger, Ride the lightning, Black album

Andrew säger: james, now since you´ve been in rehab and all. do you drink at all or nothing?

James Hetfield säger: Zero alcohol.

Helena N säger: What is the best thing about touring?

James Hetfield säger: Going home. Seriously... connecting with eyes of the fans that understand what we"re doing

Danne säger: When and where are you going to play in Sweden nex year??

James Hetfield säger: Not sure yet... but it will be an in-door tour of st Anger

Valis! säger: Any swedish bands you"re particularly interested in? I noticed entombed weer invited to the listening party, and they are among the very best!

James Hetfield säger: ABBA... *laughing*

Valis! säger: Any band that inspired you to go "harder" again?

James Hetfield säger: everything I hear on the radio that I don´t like... soft metal...

JeppeJ säger: Hi, i wonder what measures you have taken not to let your new album leak out to the public for mp3 sharing etc? Good luck with the new album! /Jesper

James Hetfield säger: Thank you. All the files that we were doing were in a vault, nothing was leaving the studio

Duffman säger: Who would you mostley (dead or alive) like to do a song with?

James Hetfield säger: Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy

Jaymz_rules säger: Can you give me a tip on how to become a guitarplayer as good as you?

James Hetfield säger: well... *thinks long*... don´t practise much...

wallforz säger: Which Metallica concert is your favourite? Moscow 91?

James Hetfield säger: Yes, either that or the summer sanitarium tour with Korn at the Los Angeles Colosseum

Christer säger: Hallo James, what is you favourite music in this moment?

James Hetfield säger: a band called Cky

gc säger: What would I have to do to become a drummer of Metallica? :)

James Hetfield säger: have shoes that smell like vinegar

magician säger: Hi! How do you manage to keep up a good show on stage, tour after tour?

James Hetfield säger: eat your vitamines

MandusForsell säger: Which of the bands you have toured with are the band you are proudest of have toured with?

James Hetfield säger: difficult question... say, AC/DC (monsters of rock tour) and Ozzy in 1986

Piphaz säger: can you feel the spirit of ol´Cliff here in sweden? I can. Respect to you all.

James Hetfield säger: Yeah, the spirit of Cliff lives in our hearts and is alive and well wherever we go.

Thanks to everyone asking questions... love and respect, James.