”Sweden has produced great music”

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Foto: Linda Kling

   Fear Factory säger: Hello! This is now burton from fear factory

stina säger: Hello Fear Factory! What have you done the last years.

   Fear Factory säger: FF put out 2 albums in the past 3 years, Archetype, and Transgression.

   Fear Factory säger: We have done a few tours as well

belsepub säger: What's your opinion about the swedish metalscene in general and your opening act for this tour, M.A.N?

   Fear Factory säger: I have always thought that sweden has produced great music, metal to pop. There are many bands that i have listened to from sweden. Touring with MAN is great, because i was a big fan of transport league, Tony is Very cool.

anna säger: What do you think about MAN? Do you know them?

   Fear Factory säger: I like their style of music, and i did not kow them before the tour, but i know them now.

stina säger: What do you think about sweden? Have you been here before?

   Fear Factory säger: Swedem is a beautiful country, with friendly people. I have been here a few times, but never on Holiday, only on tur, and the last time was a few years ago.

Micke säger: Fear Factory, whats your biggest influences ?

   Fear Factory säger: Too many to name.

   Fear Factory säger: i listen to all types of music

Jonas säger: Do you own any records that you are ashamed of? Do you like any artists that you might not admit that you actually like (come on, don't lie, tell me about your disco singles...)

   Fear Factory säger: I am not ashamed of any records I own. You would have to look through it yourself to be the judge.

   Fear Factory säger: I have and extensive record colection

säger: Hey! Which was the first record you bought as a kid?

   Fear Factory säger: Jan and Deans greatest hits....

anna säger: Whats your favorite movie?

   Fear Factory säger: hmmm, I really love Blade Runner. It's a romantic SCI-FI mystery movie

hmm säger: hey burton, can you share your future plans with us? :P

   Fear Factory säger: I see another FF album out by 2008. I also forsee my other band Ascension of The Watchers coming to play shows in europe and hopefully scandinavia

belsepub säger: You've toured so much during the years - What's the major difference between touring in the states compared to Europe?

   Fear Factory säger: The firs thing that comes to mind is the simple comforts. The US has many aspects that we are accustomed to that europe does not have, liké 24 hour shops everywhere.

digmortal säger: do you still have any contact with you old guitar player dino?

   Fear Factory säger: nope

julia=) säger: hello, when did you started to work with music?

   Fear Factory säger: i started when i was a child, my mother was a violin and piano player, so i was introduced to music very early. I was also in childrens choir with my church and schools, and i was involved with theschool orchestra

Kim säger: So who would play you (which actor) in the film about Fear Factory?

   Fear Factory säger: Thats funny...James hetfield

julia=) säger: what}s the best with being famous?

   Fear Factory säger: I'M famous?

digmortal säger: do you have any tips for young and upcomming bands?

   Fear Factory säger: always maintain originality, and never do it for the money, because there is no moneyin metal.

YEAH säger: what's other bands that's coming with you on the tour?

   Fear Factory säger: tonight we have MAN and Misery index playing with us...misery index is a band fróm Baltimore maryland, and they are very good. a grindcore style with a message ofanticapitalism

Martyr säger: Is it hard to combine family life with the constant toring?

   Fear Factory säger: well, it is new for me. My girl and I recently had a daughter. She understands what i do for a living. Thatis very imporant in a relationship.

digmortal säger: burton, ive heard that you're german, is that right?

   Fear Factory säger: German is my family's heritage. so is czech, ad scottish.

   Fear Factory säger: i america, we are from everywhere.

belsepub säger: What's your opinion about George W. Bush?

   Fear Factory säger: i would rather keep my political opinions out of this...

Metallica RULEZ säger: How old are you ??

   Fear Factory säger: 37

FtN säger: How much money do you earn every month :)

   Fear Factory säger: none of your business

Anton säger: If you would do a song with anyone, who would that be?

   Fear Factory säger: I would loe to do a song with Kim Thayil and Ben Cameron

digmortal säger: if i should get one of your albums, which one should i get?

   Fear Factory säger: they are all different, but i great introduction would be Demanufacture

Jon säger: Can music actually change peoples opinons and political wievs? Can it make a change in what people think and what they stand for?

   Fear Factory säger: I believe they can, if the music and lyrics are passionate enough. Music has influenced people for generations. It is a form of communication, so if it s done pasiionately, yes, it can influence an individuals view.

SummerAnkiz säger: If you would bee anyone who du you whant to be?

   Fear Factory säger: i love being myself

Moderator säger: Last question to Fear Factory

belsepub säger: What's your opinion about the swedish guitar legend and hero in general, Yngwie J. Malmsteen?

   Fear Factory säger: he is a great guitar player, who has influenced many people to be artistic on guitar.

   Fear Factory säger: Thank you for participating on this webchat. I hope that i can meet you all one day at a fear factory gig!