”Latex meets Botox”

Lordi avslöjade vad en Carola-duett skulle kunna heta i dagens chatt


Moderator säger: Lordi chattar från sitt hotell i Stockholm 15.45

   Lordi säger: Hi! Now Lordi is here!!!!

Monotoner säger: Hey Lordi, loves your song "Hard Rock Hallelujah", it rocks! I wonder what other bands or artists that have inspired you to create music?

   Lordi säger: Kiss of course, Twisted sister and Wasp Alice Cooper ...

Karin säger: hi lordi! what do you look like underneath the masks??

   Lordi säger: what masks?????

Adam säger: Hi...I love youre band, but why have you have masks on when youre band play?

It's not negative but why?

   Lordi säger: We want to feel pretty!

jonna säger: Why did you decided to participate to Eurovision song contest?

   Lordi säger: Well... they asked us!!

jonna säger: Is metal really schlager?

   Lordi säger: sometimes yes- depends on the melody of course.

Karin säger: what do you like best: finnish vodka or finnish sauna?

   Lordi säger: SAUNA!!

Coolt säger: Hallo ! How is it to be a star ?

   Lordi säger: Don`t know yet..

kenzy säger: how do you come up with the titel to "Devil is a loser"? You must have a great imagination!

   Lordi säger: i think it was the best way to say there is no tougher guys than us!

Ellinor säger: Hi! Do you think that Hardrock Halleluja can win ESC?

   Lordi säger: ya it CAN! But its up to you guys if it WILL!

anna säger: What do you think about Carola? Is Evighet really good?

   Lordi säger: The song is definitely not the worst Eurovision song ever but its not the best either.- Carola looks really hot nowadays...

Albin säger: I saw you before nightwish in malmö, when are you going out in your own tour in which you will be the mainband?

   Lordi säger: Hopefully soon!

Mamma Mu säger: Is it true that some countries tried to stop you from being a part of ESC?

   Lordi säger: Not countries but some idiot citizens of some countries - HAHHAAA - but they can try all they want - we are going there no matter what!

DarthKathyGrint säger: If you and Carola made a song together, What would it be called?

   Lordi säger: Latex meets Botox ;)

Bjorn/Ronaldinho säger: What is your favorite Eurovision song you have heard?

   Lordi säger: Waterloo is good of course. I liked Dana International too.

Be_not_Nobody säger: How long have you guys played togheter?

   Lordi säger: Something like 8 years.

blomman säger: how long does it take to get in to your suites? not only the masks but clothes and makeup. seems complicated

   Lordi säger: Three hours.

blomman säger: Do you sit with your masks on right now?

   Lordi säger: Yes we do actually!!!!!!!!!!!!

74sju säger: hello. what would you chouse? finnland or sweden?

   Lordi säger: Hey we are finnish! So what would you think :) But you guys have better chocolates than us!

Ellinor säger: Hi! Do you like some swedish rockband? Like Europe and Hammerfall?

   Lordi säger: For sure! We were on tour with Hammerfall last year.. Europe is great, new album is excellent too. We also like Backyard Babies. Does anybody remember a band called Treat?!? That was great!

shredd säger: is there any tour plans for this summer in sweden?

   Lordi säger: Not yet but who knows..of course we would like to.

bgs säger: Hey Lordi, will you come and play at Stockholm Gay Pride if invited? We're lot of gays that wants you there!

   Lordi säger: We are there!

Guinevere säger: Finland have had a few metal-type bands in the contest before, ie nightwish for one, why do you think it is that Finland more often than most ofter countries have metalbands in their contests?

   Lordi säger: Metal music is very popular in Finland..maybe that's one reason. But I don't think that there have been so many metal bands in different competitions in Finland?!?!!?

Rozie säger: Are you inspired of the last years hardrock sucess from Norway?

   Lordi säger: No. But I'm sure the finnish eurovision board was because they asked us. You know, the Finns gave twelve points to them.

Muggen säger: Are u going to do some more tribute to movies like in "Blood red sandman" where the theme is "Evil Dead"?

   Lordi säger: Hell yeah! Don't know what yet, but I'm sure we will keep them comin'

Vaniljte säger: hey! where did you get the idea for the so called scary masks and stuff?

   Lordi säger: We are fans of monsters and horror films...didn't have to look too far.

*-Carola-* säger: Hi are you and youre gang members sad?

   Lordi säger: No! What??!?!

7ohanna säger: Heeey, were you guys upset that we won the hockey final against Finland in the Olympics? Have a great day and rock the hell outta Eurovision!

   Lordi säger: Yeah we are!

Lordi schlager VM = Seger säger: how do you think the rest of the world gonna react when you guys step up on stage in greece`?

   Lordi säger: We don't know...we'll just have to go there and wait and see.

õzkan säger: what are your favourite food?

   Lordi säger: Pizza.

Midget Mutilator säger: Hey dudes, I'm sitting here in South Carolina and just realized you guys were doing this chat thing. Cool. As for my question - to what extent are you guys influenced by GWAR?

   Lordi säger: Hello South Carolina!!!To be honest, not at all, not one bit. We didÅ„t even know about them until the mid 90Å› or so.. Our influences come from the horror genre, Kiss, Alice Cooper and such.. I think Gwar had the same influences maybe...

Peach säger: "Lordi",Why did you choose that name?,and what does it stand for?

   Lordi säger: It is my nickname. I got it from my friends mother when I was a kid. It is finnish, and means lord. But not as in "lord almighty", but as in "lord vader".

Moderator säger: One last question now...

Sandra säger: Hi! I know swedes think of people from finland as sauna-loving drunks ;) (sorry) but what do you think of swedes?

   Lordi säger: But you know, we are sauna-loving drunks! Really! So don}t apologise that, hahaha! I love the swedes,youÅ?e always so open and sunny.. Unlike us finns..

Moderator säger: Thank you Lordi! Och tack till alla som ställt frågor.

   Lordi säger: Thanks to everybody! Remember to vote for us!!!!! Hejsan!