”Vi håller kontakten med Robbie”

Take That chattade med läsarna – många undrade om de är gay


Har ni pratat med Robbie Williams och är någon i bandet gay?

Det var några av frågorna som Mark Owen, Jason Orange, Howard Donald och Gary Barlow i Take That svarade på i chatten med läsarna på aftonbladet.se.

På Sverigebesök Jason Orange, Howard Donald, Mark Owen och Gary Barlow är Take That 2006. Men de har fortfarande kontakt med forne medlemmen Robbie Williams.

Stormyeyes säger: Welcome back! I missed you guys. ;-) Why did you decide to make a reunion and why did you wait for so long?

Take That säger: Its been a natural process. We made a documentary about the band and what we did after the split. The newspapers then started to ask people to have us on the road again. After ten years we put together at tour and during the tour we decided to write our own record as a group. We didn't expect all this but, its great.

pininfarina säger: how does it feel to be back again, are you excited?

Take That säger: We are having a grat time and we're proud of the record we made. We realise that we are back together but we don't know how long it will last. We do it with our eyes open.

tina säger: hi guys! in what way do you think the music industry has changed since your last album? what kind of expectations do you have this time? lots of hugs and wish all the best

Take That säger: We don't have any expectations. It's all very refreshing. The industry has far more technology like with internet and all that, that wasn't around the last time. I like the fact that music is more accessible now.

Efva säger: To go on tour take a lot of time and effort. What do TT do when travelling between concerts? Does any of TT have any hobbies?

Take That säger: Hobbies, to be honest the only guy that kills time is Gary. He has his laptop and watches Star Trek. We are a talking band. We sit around in the back of tour bus talking. That way we kill a lot of time.

stina säger: Do any of you have children or are married?

Take That säger: Mark has a baby boy. Howard has two girls grace and Lola. Gary is married and has a boy anda girl. Ad Jason hasn't got any children or is married.

cecilia säger: Is anyone of you guys gay?

Take That säger: No, everybody thought we were but no.

Lovisa säger: Do any of you have any contact with Robbie Williams today?

Take That säger: We saw Rob on the tour a couple of times. We try to stay updated on what he is doing. We keep in touch.

Take That säger: We hope that you like the music and the songs. We hope we haven't disappointed you on the new album. Take care!