Lenny Kravitz accidentally rocked his pants off on stage in Sweden

Av: Mathias Asplund

Kravitz showing off.

Free-balling rockstar Lenny Kravitz, 51, accidentally showed the audience more than they paid for at his Stockholm show last night.

Lenny Kravitz surely knows how to rock his pants off on stage. But after his Monday night gig at Gröna Lund in Stockholm his superhit "Fly away" will have a completely new meaning.

"Ripped his pants"

Early in the concert the American superstar bent down really low in front of the thousands of cheering fans. His leather pants ripped apart – in the one place you really don't want them to.

Aftonbladets photographer happened to catch the incident on camera. And so did others.

– First I thought it was a really cool picture, I didn't notice this until I got home, said Magnus, who not until later realized he'd caught a smartphone snapshot of the private parts.

– Is this the picture of the year? Magnus wonders.

Kravitz: "Sorry"

Kravitz played it cool and kept the song going before disappearing off stage for several minutes, obviously to find himself a new pair of pants.

"Sorry, I ripped my pants", he supposedly said when he got back up again.

– I didn't notice a thing. He just got up and off stage and there was a long pause. I worried that he'd gotten sick and whould have to cancel, says Magnus.

"Never wear underpants"

Magnus tells us he's a fan of Lenny Kravitz since the early 90s and finds the incident kind of funny. He's seen the artist four times since 1993, but this was the first time he got a glimpse of the whole artist.

– The funny thing is that I remember an interview with Kravitz where he said that he never wear underpants. I guess he'll regret that now.

Kravitz seemingly kept calm through the ordeal, and managed to go through the rest of the concert with no further wardrobe failures.