Hayley Williams: Kent är grymma


Sverigeakuella Paramores sångare, Hayley Williams, chattade med läsarna – om den ideala mannen, Kent och hur det kom på namnet Paramore.

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Foto: AP
Hayley Williams i Paramore chattade med Aftonbladets läsare.

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: hey! im here.

Madde säger: Hi Hayley I think you and Paramore is awesome. My question is when they asked you to record songs to Twilight what was the first thing that pop up in your head?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: we actually wrote the songs before they asked us to. when we sent them to the people who were making the movie we didnt know if they would like the songs or not. luckily, they did!

john säger: Hi awesome to have you in sweden. I heard somewhere that you like kent and wondering wich is your favorite song with them?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: kent rules. "little things she said" is my favorite.

säger: my question to you is: How is it being the only girl in the band? What is the best with it and the worst of it? BTW I'll see you tomorrow in Copenhagen!

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: sorry it's taking me a second to type... not used to this computer yet haha, i'll get it.

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: the best part is not having to deal with other girls all the time. sometimes we can be a bit annoying. the worst part is that boys fart all the time.

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: hahah

Linus säger: Hello! I just wounder what do you think is best about Sweden? :)

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: the music! you guys have refused... and blindside... and kent. and tonight we have a swedish band on the bill. kadawatha.

My säger: Hi Hayley! I just wanted to ask what usually inspires you to write the lyrics in your songs? Is it a book, a dream, a real experience etc.? And btw, you're AMAZING!:)

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: i always inspired by things that happen around me. whether it's something i'm going through or something my friends are going through. life experience is always the best teacher.

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: and thank you!

Andreas säger: How did Paramore team up and what keeps the ship floating?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: i met zac and josh at school. taylor was friends with them... and i was friends with jeremy because he and i had been in another band together. when josh and zac asked me to join their band with taylor, they still needed a bass player. i suggested jeremy. the rest is history! it's a lot of work to be in a band but it's worth it. you have to be open minded.

Jones säger: Hello Hayley. Me and my friends will go to denmark to see paramore tomorrow. I want to ask you one thing. If i throw up my bracelet on stage, will you do me the honour and wear it for the rest of the night ?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: can't wait for the show. i'll try and keep an eye out for your bracelet. :)

jonna säger: Hello Hayley! Who is your favorite in Twilight? Edward or Jacob?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: i don't actually like either. they are too dramatic! i wish she would date the kid from school that likes her so much... poor guy tries and tries to win her over and she won't give him a shot! hahah

Lurre säger: Hi Hayley :) Classic question: If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want? and why? Thanks for the good music, keep on! ;)

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: #1) a friend #2) refused to be the house band and play shows on the island every day #3) unlimited supply of captain crunch-berries cereal

Sarah säger: Hey! I was at your gig yesterday in Helsinki, and it was AWESOME! Just wondering if you could re-live a moment, what would it be? :D

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: wow, that's a tough one... i guess re-living the show last night would be pretty awesome.

Erika säger: Hi! I've been a fan now for three years and I'm really impressed of how you've evolved with your music. I'm wondering how it felt like beeing around seventeen when you first gaind succses as I'm that old. And how you feel now? Love the new record and the new video for bbbb!

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: thanks for supporting us for this long. we started to get a lot more popular in the UK around that time than we were in the states. it was such a crazy time! i am glad that our band's success was more gradual where we live or i might've been a crazy person. i love being in a band and playing music every night so as long as i can keep doing this then i don't care so much about being famous.

Sebz säger: Hey Hayley! I'm going to see the show in Denmark tomorrow and it'll be amazing to see you perform live! How's the crowd in Scandinavia compared with the one in America?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: first of all, the crowds here are much bigger! so loud and enthusiastic. we've only played a handful of shows here but they are our favorites. not to mention, you guys are so nice and really easy to hang with at meet and greets.

Jenny säger: Hi Hayley! I'm a big fan! What kind of music do you listen to yourself? Any favorite band?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: i listen to a lot more punk rock than the rest of the guys in the band... but as a whole, we enjoy bands like jimmy eat world and sunny day real estate. my personal favorites are braid, snapcase, saves the day, and set your goals.

fridus säger: How did you come up with the name 'Paramore'?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: we had a friend who's mom's name was paramore. we thought it kind of sounded cool and when we were trying to come up with names, i looked it up in the dictionary. it means "for love".

DeryckW säger: How has your musical style been influenced by each band you work with? And before I forget, the song you did with Set Your Goals was brilliant, loved how aggressive you were in it.

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: thank you! it was a lot of fun to do. i think that for me, i pull influence from a lot of bands that i see and listen to. but the important part is knowing how to make something your own and not just ripping other people off.

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: last question, i gotta go!

Emil säger: Hi Hayley. What do you look for in your ideal man?

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: someone that doesn't take themselves to seriously. that i can be myself around. woo!

Moderator säger: Thanks Hayley - good luck tonight! And a big thanks to all the readers for your questions!

Hayley Williams, Paramore säger: thank you guys!!! i'm gonna get going. you all rule.