”Vi gillar Hello Saferide och ABBA”

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Chatta med Simple Plan i dag klockan 17.00.

Simple Plan säger: hey its seb, im here, we were stuck in traffic
EHMELIE säger: Who do you think is the coolest one of you guys (in Simple Plan)? ;D I love you, see you March 29! /Emelie
Simple Plan säger: me of course
Simple Plan säger: sebastien
Teesi säger: Hello :D U guys rock! Do u got any tips to give me? I write lyrics and i wanna become an artist but im very shy ;S please help me =)
Simple Plan säger: just do it a lot, it takes practice to overcome shyness and to get better at it
Miss-Nice säger: What keeps you guys motivated when you might not feel like playing shows, going up early to do interviews or take long plane rides to different countries?
Simple Plan säger: its the end game that keeps us going, we want to keep doing this as long as possible and thats why we do what we do
Sheryl säger: Hi! You guys rock! ...Which are your musical influences?Do you listen to old bands?Thanxxx!!
Simple Plan säger: yeah, from the beach boys and beatles, to justin timberlake and my chem. and kanye to a lot of different things
Suzette säger: Wot team in Nhl is the best team? And do you looking forward to play in sweden in march? Love from one of your fans in sweden :) 3
Simple Plan säger: thats a chuck question. i think he likes colorado avalanche, i like the montreal canadiens
Twins säger: Hey ho (: Are you going to do anything special on valentines day??
Simple Plan säger: yes, a lot of sexy time
Jänn säger: What is the most emberessing song you have on your iPOD?
Simple Plan säger: hmmm... i dont feel like anything is embarassing.. i like all music...
Karin säger: Hi SP! I just got your CD today, and it s awesome. Will you do signings when you come to sweden next month ? ( can t wait, btw!) love you
Simple Plan säger: for sure, we will play the show and we all come out after to meet the fans. and thanks for getting hte record
Tobbe säger: which of yours song do you think is the best?
Simple Plan säger: i really like your love is a lie. i think its very raw and powerfull. and i love the melodies
Sophie säger: Hey guys! My name is Sophie and I saw you when you were preforming on "Rockbjörnen" and you were great! I love your new song, I listen to it almost every day! So, how do you like Sweden? and swedish girls? ;) // love Sophie
Simple Plan säger: we love sweden and the people there. you are very nice and good looking. its always a good thing when we see on our schedule that we are coming
Jänn säger: Who is the most crazy person in the band? Who is the most lazy one? and who is the "mommy" ?
Simple Plan säger: i guess that david can have his crazy moments. and his lazy ones... but we are all sort of hard working. chuck would have to be the monny though
NuFFe säger: Many of your songs (atleast what i have heard) are kinda sad and depressive. How come it is that way? personall experience or is it just "music"?
Simple Plan säger: actually i feel like theres always a message of hope. but i does feel more important for us to talk about things when they are going bad i guess. kind of like therapy.
Madde säger: Hey guys, have you ever read a fanfic about you? I mean the dirty ones? :P
Simple Plan säger: yeah... some... its really stupid. some people really have to much time on their hands
Jennie säger: hello! Do you guys ever fight?
Simple Plan säger: yes but we always make up. we are really good at that
Nina1988 säger: hey seb what is your real name, middle name? because once i read it's "sebastien alexander" and one time i read "Gaétan-Jean Sébastien"?
Simple Plan säger: its the latter
Camilla säger: Hi Simple Plan! I Think you guys are the best! You are the only band iv e really cared about. I was at your concert in January 2006, iv e waited 2 years for you guys to come back and when you are finally coming back im going to be in Thailand =( But to my question now, What do you guys think you would be working with if it couldn t be music?
Simple Plan säger: :)
Simple Plan säger: honestly, its getting realyl hard to imagine myself doing anything else than something music related. so band, producing, stuff like that i guess
Malin Älskar Simple Plan säger: What’s the best thing about Canada?
Simple Plan säger: i think its a very laid back and open minded country, kind of like sweden. its was a very nice place to grow up for us
Frida säger: what 3 things cant you live without on the tourbus that you bring on a big tour!?
Simple Plan säger: phone to call home, computer to watch movies and write emails, and ipod for music
AmandaBouvier säger: is it true that you will come back to Sweden in may?
Simple Plan säger: we want to do it for sure. as soon as we know, it will be on simpleplan.com
Zandra säger: What is the most common question you re asked in interviews? By the way, it was great meeting you January 24th. The acoustic show was great!
Simple Plan säger: thanks about the show... these days people ask us about the new record a lot. but i hate it when people asks us how we met. they should know by now
simplebjörn säger: Do you know about the swedish punkrock scene? do you like swedish bands?
Simple Plan säger: yeah, love the sounds. i also like hello saferide and abba
Nelli säger: Hey I just heard your new album it rocks! :) I was wondering if you guys have girlfriends?
Simple Plan säger: ah ha! thanks about the record, thats really nice of you to get on the first day. some of us have girlfriends...
Lollo säger: What r u guys doing today?
Simple Plan säger: we are doing a lot of interviews. we played on tv this morning and are going on play on the conan obrian tv show tonight
asimpleplanlover säger: hi:) 3 what is the most embarissing thing you ever done on stage? :)
Simple Plan säger: pierre has forgotten lirics a bunch of times, i guess that was pretty embarassing for him
em säger: what's the craziest thing a fan ahs ever done to/for you? Em
Simple Plan säger: i still am amazed that people travel for miles to see our band. swedish people in canada, london people un usa, usa people in japan...
Karin säger: What's the best about being a simple plan-member?
Simple Plan säger: we get to do what we love for a living. travel the world, play shows... its pretty good
Behnors säger: don't you wish you had conan obrien's hair?!
Simple Plan säger: i do!
Botkyrka säger: Hi and Hello. What do you guys think about downloading copyright material like your cds and all kind of things ??
Simple Plan säger: i think the industry is in transition right now. i think that illegal downloading is not so good of course. but i think the internet is a good thing
Sanna säger: Hi there! where are you gonna party after the concert ? we want to party with you ;) Love, Sanna & Jennyh 23 years old (www.miss0.blogg.se)
Simple Plan säger: well we will be on tour, and when we are on tour we have to keep our energy up for the next shows. but we always come and hang out for a bit
ILSA säger: What do you think about Britney Spears?
Simple Plan säger: i think thats she has a weird life right now. looks hard to be her. we should leave her alone
David säger: hello rockers !! what is your favorite word ? my is "Sweeet" :)
Simple Plan säger: mine is random
Theresia säger: Do you have any strange habits.. or anything? Love you guys x
Simple Plan säger: yeah... i guess i do...
tuuni säger: Hello ! Its just so cool to talk to you! =====D But where do you get your inspiration from?
Simple Plan säger: from everything around us. life in general for lirics, and all kinds of music for the music part
Sara säger: Hi guys! What is your best concert memory?
Simple Plan säger: selling out the bell center in montreal, its the 15000 seat arena in our home town
older säger: and the three best songs (not by simple plan) right now are...?
Simple Plan säger: the good life by kanye, after tonight by justin nozuka, and check out the city is at war by cobra star ship
Different säger: What do you do to stay so down to earth when you’re so successful and well-known around the world?
Simple Plan säger: im gonna have to go soon so just one more question
Simple Plan säger: i think its easy for us to stay who we are because we are all always together. if anyone steps out of line, the other guys are there to bring him back.
Moderator säger: Thanks Simple Plan! And thanks for all the questions!
Simple Plan säger: thanks everyone for joinning us and see you soon at the show!