Trujillo: Svenska kvinnor är heta

Robert Trujillo från Metallica chattade med läsare

Aftonbladets Henrik Ståhl med Metallicas Robert Trujillo.

Robert Trujillo säger: Hi guys, sorry I'm late! Let's get started! Big night tonight!
Oskar säger: when you are on stage, what do you do if you forget the text or the music?
Robert Trujillo säger: I'm really bad at that point, at not being nervous. That's what makes me nervous, when I mess up a part or a section of a song. Then I get nervous. I have to talk to myself and calm myself down, or else it becomes a disaster which puts me in a bad mood. BUT it doesn't happen very often.
Kent Malmquist säger: Hello Robert! You are a fantastic baseplayer, who has inspired you most to be as good as you are?
Robert Trujillo säger: I'm inspired by many baseplayers, all styles included. Ranging from great funk baseplayers to great heavy metal baseplayers to great jazz bassplayers. I like Getty Lee from Rush, I like Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, but I also like players like Jaco or like the baseplayer for Stevie Wonder and James Brown.
Dr Death säger: Dear mr Trujillo, Can you describe how your life have change since you got the job as base player in one of the biggest an richest band on eath?
Robert Trujillo säger: I'm definetly approached more by fans because the band is so popular and the work-load is a lot more serious and intense. Because the song catralogue is extensive, so there's a lot of music to learn, and usually, with a new album, there's a lot more press than most bands would have to deal with. The other thing i; physically, you have to be prepared for a Metallica-show, because there's a lot happening on stage.
smsfråga säger: - its fucking cold standing here waiting for you guys, but TOTALLY WORTH IT! what do you think about the swedish audience? See you inside!
Robert Trujillo säger: I think the swedish audience is amazing, and the women are hot too! So all you have to do is find a special woman to keep him warm until he gets inside, haha!
TrappedUnderIce säger: Will you use the same setlist as you use tonight on sunday?
Robert Trujillo säger: There are songs that we have to play, the classics, but we always change some of the material.
Emil säger: Which Song was the hardest to learn when u became a member of Metallica?
Robert Trujillo säger: There were a lot of songs that were difficult, but I would have to say "Dyers eve" and the entire version of "Frayed ends of sanity". Unfortunately, the other guys have not learned it yet.
Robert Trujillo säger: Last question!
smsfråga säger: Hi...I would like to know how you as a band/person feel about the fact that many people download your music from Piratebay and other sites!? Devlin..
Robert Trujillo säger: How do I feel about that..? I love it! I want everyone to experience our music every damned way possible. Just enjoy it.
Moderator säger: Thanks to Robert Trujillo and to readers for chatting!
Robert Trujillo säger: Thanks everyone, running late. Gotta get ready.