Dave Grohl fell off the stage – continued to play with cast leg

avDante Thomsen

An overzealous Dave Grohl fell of the stage in Göteborg during Foo Fighters second song.

The concert was supposedly cancelled before Dave Grohl reappeared – with a casted leg.

– I won’t leave the show before a doctor tells me I have to, he said to the audience.

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– It’s gonna be a long fucking night, roared Dave Grohl before Foo Fighers launched into their monster hit ”Everlong”.

But for a short while it looked as if it wasn’t going to be a ”long fucking night”.

During the bands second song ”Monkey Wrench” Dave Grohl accidentally fell off the stage – and broke his leg.

– Hey ladies and gentlemen. I love you but I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg, Dave Grohl said before going off stage with the help of doctors.

Didn't cancel the show

The rest of the band jumped in to play some covers and for a while it looked like the concert was going to be cancelled.

However after a while Dave Grohl was once again on the scene – carried in on a stretcher. After sitting down on a chair with a doctor fixating his broken leg Dave Grohl continued to sing and play guitar.

– I won’t leave the stage until a doctor says I have to, said Dave Grohl, who also promised to finish the show.

– I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play the guitar and scream.

After playing a long version of the bands hit ”The Pretender” Dave Grohl was once again taken backstage to get a cast on his leg while the band continued to play more covers.