"Svenska fans är högljudda, passionerade – och heta!”

Läs hela chattet med Simple Plan från Hultsfredsfestivalen

Foto: Nina Johansson
Chattproffs David Desrosiers och Sebastien Lefebvre i Simple Plan chattade med aftonbladet.se:s läsare.

Moderator säger: Simple Plan är något försenade men kommer snart!
Simple Plan säger: hey everyone! sebastien is here now
siri säger: What do you think is the biggest difference between the festivals in Europe and the festivals where you come from?
Simple Plan säger: the festivals are mch bigger in europe than in north america. people seem a little bit more passionate about music here
oliviah säger: If you could date anyone you wanted who'd you date?
Simple Plan säger: you
Frida säger: You guys are from Canada right?! What other canadian bands do you suggest that I look for in the rocord stores this summer?? Kindest regards, Frida.
Simple Plan säger: billy talent, gob, hot hot heat, arcada fire, the stills, stars...
Mia! säger: What did Pierre and Seb got on their birthday?
Simple Plan säger: i got a good party and i think pierre got the same!
jOSEfAINEE säger: why were you guys late? was David the problem?:P
Simple Plan säger: yes
säger: Hi Are you guys nervous to play on Hultsfred?
Simple Plan säger: not at all! im very excited about playing and also watching rage against the machine
Sanna säger: What's your hobbies ?
Simple Plan säger: watching tv, writing music, listening to music...
elena säger: hi guys! what do you think about the Swedish fans? :)
Simple Plan säger: the swedish fans are really cool, they are loud and passionate, and hot
daniela säger: if you where a super hero what would be your speciallity? love danni
Simple Plan säger: flying
Martin säger: Who do prefer to sleep in the same bed as on the tours?
Simple Plan säger: we each have our own little beds on the bus so we dont have to share. that is a good thing
Natalie säger: Hello sebastien :) god I just love you! when I meet you I just wanted to tell you how much I like you.. but anyway..what are you guys doing with all the gifts from your fans? Love you guys! especilly you seb :)
Simple Plan säger: there is a lot of them and we tend to keep them all. i got a tshirt the other night and i wore it out.
Martin säger: Who of Obama and McCain are your favorites in the American election?
Simple Plan säger: not sure about the whole thing but we are very liberal thinkers so democrats for sure
Simple Plan säger: ok! thanks everybody i have to go. if you have more questions go to my myspace at myspace.com/manofthehourhour bye bye
Moderator säger: Tack Simple Plan! och tack till alla som varit med och chattat! Kolla in tv-intervjun med bandet som snart kommer ut på aftonbladet.se!