"Vi älskar svenska killar"

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Foto: Sandra Wejbro
Allison i The Donnas chattade med aftonbladet.se:s läsare.

The Donnas säger: hello there! HEJ
Malin säger: How does it feel to play at Hultsfredsfestivalen?
The Donnas säger: this is our second time here! We love it
Minttu säger: What's the biggest difference if you compare European festivals with American?
The Donnas säger: i think the food is better, and the bands are way more diverse
Marre säger: Do you like any swedish music?
The Donnas säger: yes, i love the hives, sahara hotnights, hellacopters
Jossan säger: What is the best thing about playing live?
The Donnas säger: making people dance and sweat°
Marre säger: Have you ever considered doing something different instead of the straightforward rock youre playing now?
The Donnas säger: yeah, i like lots of different kinds of stuff, im thinking of doing a dance/metal act with my sister
Dajje säger: Are you writting the text toghether?
The Donnas säger: no it's just me!
Soran säger: Are you single?
The Donnas säger: haha i have a boyfriend
Jesse säger: How do you feel about people downloading your songs on internet for free? Has that affected you in any way?
The Donnas säger: ;-)
The Donnas säger: yeah it makes it more difficult to make a living off of music, but at the same time its a compliment that people want our music in their libraries, so i think its better to embrace the way things are moving and come up with new exciting ways to tour and get our music out there
Buddy säger: When is a new album coming out?
The Donnas säger: ah! the new album came out Sept 2007 ;-)
Titti säger: Do you think bands today have it easier to succeed than before?
The Donnas säger: no i think now it's more difficult because of music downloading and pop idol shows, now people really need to stick out from the crowd and find different ways to get onto tv or the radio'
Lina säger: How many days on a year are you out on the roads?
The Donnas säger: and everythings been done before so you really need to get creative and use your soul
The Donnas säger: we are probably out on the road 100 days out of the year
Anna-maria säger: Which three things would you bring to a music festival if you went as audience?
The Donnas säger: i would bring a flask, sunglasses and a sweater
Frida säger: Why the name the donnas?
The Donnas säger: an old friend suggested it years ago and we never wanted to change it even though we never really loved it haha
Petter säger: Who in the band gets most guys?
The Donnas säger: haha well it depends on who's single! we all get a lot of guys
Lennox säger: How do you like Sweden and Swedish guys?
The Donnas säger: oh swedish guys are loved by all four of us! very good looking people here
Kicken säger: when did you start doing music together?
The Donnas säger: when we were 13, which was 15 years ago!
Susanna säger: Which song is your favourite on the new album and why?
The Donnas säger: i like better off dancing, because its like a modern day "I will Survive", and i like the riffs a lot
Jesper säger: Love your music. Did you ever want to do something else when you grew up?
The Donnas säger: thank you! and yes, i wanted to be an artist, and then i wanted to be an author, and then almost decided to become a translator
Moderator säger: The time is almost up. Here is the last question:
Peter säger: Where are you going off to after playing on Hultsfred?
The Donnas säger: we are going back home to los angeles, but we will miss Sverdia so much and will be back soon! thank you for all the radical questions!
Moderator säger: Thank you The Donnas for chatting and thanks to the readers for all the questions!