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Wyclef Jean
Hip-hopstjärnan Wyclef Jean ska leda Sveriges största musikarrangemang någonsin, MTV-galan i Globen i morgon.
  Trots det är han inte det minsta nervös.
  Att gud är hans främsta inspiration och att marijuana inte är droger i hans ögon var saker chattarna fick veta.
  Här följer ett sammandrag av chattet.


annika_hiller_göteborg säger: hello Wyclef.. How does it feel to be the host for the mtv music awards 2000?

Wyclef säger: It feels real good and it´s an honour and a pleasure.

Martin säger: Who is your favourite person from Sweden?

Wyclef säger: My favourite group from Sweden is Abba

Simon säger: Did u ever think about NOT hosting the awards or were there no doubts?

Wyclef säger: Yea, I thought about it, should I do it or shouldn¥t I?

Li säger: What do you think about Sweden?

Wyclef säger: I think it¥s a beautiful place with people with warm hearts

cookie säger: Are you nervous to be the main figure tomorrow?

Wyclef säger: No. Ever since I was little I was always enetertaining my family.

Sofia säger: Are you and the Fugees going to do something in the future or is the fugee-time over??

Wyclef säger: No, we are defintely going to do something in the future.

Valentina säger: Who is your favorite artist, among all the popstars that will come tomorrow to the MTW-awards?

Wyclef säger: Madonna and U2

chris säger: Do you prefer blonds or brunettes?

Wyclef säger: Both.

Belos säger: Have you listened to any swedish rap?

Wyclef säger: Not yet. I didn¥t go to the music store yet. Last time I was here I heard a few but I don¥t know their names. It was hot.

Samuel säger: What is your main inspiration to your own music?

Wyclef säger: God.

Angelina säger: Have you been in Sweden before?

Wyclef säger: Yeah, i was here before when I was on tour two years ago.

Johan säger: Do you like swedish girls?

Wyclef säger: Yes.

Nina säger: Where are you going to party tomorrow???

Wyclef säger: Wherever she¥s gonna party.

Ebba, 23 säger: Describe yourself with three words.

Wyclef säger: Sexy, smart and modesty.

Martin säger: Are you going to church often?

Wyclef säger: Oh, yeah, I go to church.

Annika säger: Are you going to work with Mary J Blige again?

Wyclef säger: Oh yeah, definitely. On her next album

RaoulDuke säger: Who did you vote for? Bush, Gore or maybe Nader?

Wyclef säger: Gore.

malcolm säger: How did you get Bob Dylan to be in your video?

Wyclef säger: I gave him a call. I was a fan of his and I knew that he was a fan of mine.

Mia säger: Do you have a girlfriend?

Wyclef säger: A hundred.

sallad säger: Have you got any plans to se the city, or do you spend all your time in stockholm in your hotelroom?

Wyclef säger: Before the awards I¥ll stay in the hotel but after that I¥ll hit the city.

Sara säger: What do you think about Brittney Spears?

Wyclef säger: I think she¥s talented. She¥s a good dancer.

Pelle säger: What kind of music do you listen to?

Wyclef säger: I listen to hip-hop, reggae, jazz...

anna säger: When do you get really happy?

Wyclef säger: After I made love

Valentina säger: If you was the president for one day, what would you do?

Wyclef säger: I would legalize marijuana

[_^InSpEcToR^_] säger: what do you think of eminems music?

Wyclef säger: I think he is a real good rapper

KOP säger: Which is your favourite song of all times.

Wyclef säger: Marwin Gayes "Sexual healing"

bono säger: Do you think drugs inspire you to do more hits?

Wyclef säger: no, not at all. I don¥t do drugs. I don¥t consider marihjuana drugs

henke säger: if you could chose one person to meet, dead or alive, who would you chose??

Wyclef säger: Jimmy Hendrix

pete säger: who is your favorit rap-artist?

Wyclef säger: Biggie small and Tupac

Lauryn säger: What is your favourite Jimi Hendrix song?

Wyclef säger: Hey Joe

Mert säger: How come you dont consider Marijuana as a drug? What do you get from it? Are you an addic of it then?

Wyclef säger: No, not at all but it¥s a spiritual plant.

brussels säger: Is it true that you and Lauryn had a relationship during your Fugees collaboration?

Wyclef säger: No comments.
Thank you for your support, I love all my fans . Watch me on MTV-awards tomorrow. Bye

Moderator säger: Chattet är slut. Tack Wyclef och alla ni som chattat!

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