Fourth book in the ”Millennium trilogy” will be published


Norstedts publishing will publish a fourth novel in Stieg Larssons ”Millennium trilogy”. This will soon be public, Norstedts told Aftonbladet. Writer will be Swedish novelist David Lagercrantz, most famous for ”I am Zlatan”.

The new novel will start off where Stieg Larsson died in 2004.

- There will be a new novel. We have tought about it for a while. Eventually we arrived at the idea that David could be the writer we were looking for, says publishing manager Eva Gedin to Aftonbladet.

The writer himself tells Aftonbladet that he is scared but delighted.

- Help, what can you say, I hope this will work out. It is amazing and I have already started writing, but it is a huge responsibility, says David Lagercrantz.

”The characters deserve to live”

David Lagercrantz believes that a continuation of the ”Millennium series” is necessary.

- We think that these characters, Blomkvist and Salander, they are so viable. They deserve to live. It is out of respect of his authorship, so that his lifework will live on.

While Stieg Larsson was still alive he started a script for a fourth novel in the ”Millennium series”.

- But this is not that, this is something new. I am creating my own intrigue, but he has left strings of ideas for me to follow. I will carry on his legacy, I will keep his characters, but I also have to give something of my own. The characters will continue but also evolve.

”Has the right tone and voice”

The reason to choose David Lagercrantz is his international success with the novel about Zlatan Ibrahimović.

”His ability to find the right tone and voice, his great experience and his manner of engaging readers of all ages - most recent in the form of the global success that is ”I am Zlatan” - makes him the right choice. David Lagercrantz is not just a skilled novelist, he has also, through his work searched for different characters and complex geniuses. He is also used to working in editorial environments”, Norstedts writes in a press release. 



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