Queen Silvia: I couldn't pretend

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Queen Silvia of Sweden and her daughter princess Madeleine didn't attend the Polar Prize award ceremony. The reason; the Polar Prize winner, Chuck Berrys, sentence for human trafficking in the 1960´s.

– It didn't feel good to be a part of it considering our work with the Childhood foundation, the Queen tells Aftonbladet.

In an exclusive interview with Aftonbladet.se the Queen explains her decision in detail.

– I hope that everyone understands and respects….I want to celebrate the Polar Prize winners but I couldn't be there and pretend that everything was ok.

The family supports her

She also says that the royal family has discussed Chuck Berrys verdict within the family. The Queen did attend the traditional Polar Prize dinner, but not the award ceremony.

– The King Carl Gustav, the Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Madeleine and her husband Christopher all support me and they understand my decision. The king was there and handed out awards to two musical geniuses, but I couldn't.

Mattias Sandberg / Aftonbladet