"Obama reflects our best American idealism and vision"


James Smith och Reilly More, delegater från Mississippi, chattade med aftonbladet.se:s läsare

Moderator säger: Aftonbladet.se ber om ursäkt för fördröjningen. Vi inväntar att de båda delegaterna ska komma på plats.
Moderator säger: Welcome to the chat with James Smith and Reilly More. Here comes the first question!
Philip säger: The security in denver must be huge ! is FBI and Secret Service there ?
James Smith & Reilly More säger: Yes, There is tight security. We pass through three layers of credentials checks, and when the Clintons were on the floor many more security gauards.
Dahlöf säger: What do you feel is the most pressing issue in the election 08?
Moderator säger: Smith och More har en del tekniska problem. Vi ber om ursäkt för detta!
James Smith & Reilly More säger: The American economy and a renewal of American foreign policy to reclaim our human rights heritage.
Reza säger: Were you two Hillary supporters and if so, what do you think and feel about voting for Obama?
James Smith & Reilly More säger: This is Reilly, I was Obama supporter from start. This is
säger: What kind of influence do you think Michelle will have on the new health and schoolpolitic?
James Smith & Reilly More säger: Strong influence. She and Barack have strong Chicago community organizing roots, and Chicago has a robust public education and public health advocacy culture.
säger: How can so many still vote republican after bush? This is a qeustion the whole world wants to know.
James Smith & Reilly More säger: My job wil be to hlep people at the local level see that it is to their interest to vote for Obama. I believe that the corporate interests who dominate the other party will try to exploit racial fear in some way. Few believe in their economic plan or foreign policy.
Philip säger: Hey guys, how are you doing ? I just wondering if obama win, would he take home the soldiers from Iraq ?
James Smith & Reilly More säger: He is pledged to remove combat troops and perhaps leave training elements IF the IRAQ WANTS THEM. Timetable is 16 months. But we may see some of that happen sooner. That's what we hope.
säger: If experience was the biggest reason for picking Joe Biden, why not Hillery?
James Smith & Reilly More säger: The choice must also reflect the confidence that the VP is able to assist in governing best. Bill Clinton might have been a worry in keeping presidential communications clear and on track, if his wife was VP. THis is Reilly, the top of the ticket needs someone with big vision. The VP needs to provide strong support in carrying out the vision.
Saddam säger: are u excited about the speech that mr Obama will made later today or you know what to come? Best regards / Soldier of Saddam
James Smith & Reilly More säger: Saddam was then, this is now. We are excited about Barack Hussein Obama. THis is Reilly.
Jake-Snake säger: Hello Mr Smith and Mr More. I just want to ask you one question. What are your opinions about the conflict between Russia and Georgia? Who should be accused for this conflict, Russia or Georgia? Please motivate your answers gentlemen.
James Smith & Reilly More säger: This a post colonial confict left over from the old Russian empire. I think no one in Europe is secure if great powers aggress.
PAAATE säger: Do I recall correctly if I say that Obama doesn't want to ban death penalty? If so, what are your views on the matter?
James Smith & Reilly More säger:
James Smith & Reilly More säger: Too many chances for mortal mistake in death penalty process. And too much racial disparity in its imposition. I am opposed, Reilly
Mentor säger: By choosing Joe Biden as his running mate, isn't that a confession by Mr. Obama that his lack of experience for foreign politics is very obvious. That can't be good for a leader of the world...???
James Smith & Reilly More säger: Obama is a brilliant man. One of the evidences of his genius is his ability to assemble good people to challenge and advise him. None of our recent presidents have been elected with strong foreign policy experience. They assemble a team that reflects their values.
Philip säger: are USA and Sweden friends ? in politic ? in military ?
James Smith & Reilly More säger: I sincerely hope so.
säger: Hi! This election is having an impact further abroad than just the States. Do you feel like your part some something really special, a journey that will take the States to new dimensions? And will the war ever end? Have a nice day!
James Smith & Reilly More säger: I believe that Obama reflects our best American idealism and vision. I think the world respects our best idealism. We feel that our present administration has betrayed our best idealism. I believe that the American role in Iraq will cease to be combaT.
Moderator säger: Last question!
säger: who do you think will win?
James Smith & Reilly More säger: OBAMA! says Reilly, but we both agree it will be close.
Moderator säger: Aftonbladet.se says thank to James Smith and Reilly More. And to all our readers for all your questions.