Help us find the author of this love letter found on Samos

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Hey Internet,

It is time to show what you're made of.

With your help, we want to find this refugee , who lost a love letter on the Greek island of Samos during the last few weeks.

We found the letter on the ground just where the Samos coastline changes from low beaches to steep cliffs, where every night , many refugees arrive in overloaded boats from Turkey to the other side of the sea. The one who has lost this letter has apparently been forced to climb from the sea shore up to the mountain side.

I, who found the letter, am a journalist at the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. My name is Erik Wiman and I'm on Samos to report on, and participate in a Swedish contribution that is going to save lives on the Mediterranean.

The letter was in a waterproof bag and I almost stepped on it an early morning when we looked for new refugee boats on the sea.

My first thought was that it could be a message from one of the smugglers, and that I could find a good story, but when we translated it, we were surprised to read a beautiful poem written by a young man to a young woman.

If you have written it, we hope you will excuse that we quote a few lines:

"My Rose"

I promise you, I will love you until the last minute of my life.

I promise you, I will not let anything separate us, whatever happens ... "

We know nothing about the letter­writer or the woman he writes about, but it is easy to imagine that the meaning of such lines may be an even greater significance for those who have forced to leave a life behind, to try to start a new one in another part of the world.

Maybe they're together or life just has forced them to separate .

We have the letter on Aftonbladet's editorial office in Stockholm, and we want to give it back to one of its owners .

Therefore we ask you who are reading this to share the contents of any of your social channels online. Even if you have no connection whatsoever to Samos, or ever met a man on the run. Perhaps you have a friend who has a friend who has a friend who heard about someone who has another friend who came by boat to Samos or know someone who did.

Let this text go a few times around the world so maybe it will find the right end.


We found it on Samos on 29 October. The writer calls himself Hamody, which could be a nickname of Mohammed or Ahmad. He calls his beloved "his Ros”.

It is written in Iraqi Arabic.

Please, Internet, help us now.

He and she are worth it.