”Vi får inte förlora hoppet”



Mahar Issa från demokratirörelsen Civitas chattade om läget i Gaza

En israelisk kvinna tas omhand efter en palestinsk raketattack och palestinska brandmän försöker släcka en brand efter ett israeliskt flyganfall.
En israelisk kvinna tas omhand efter en palestinsk raketattack och palestinska brandmän försöker släcka en brand efter ett israeliskt flyganfall.

Sveriges regering bör tala med Israels ambassadör om läget i Gaza.

Det sa Mahar Issa, från den Gaza-baserade demokratirörelsen Civitas, när han chattade med aftonbladet.se:s läsare.

Han uppmanade även människor i Sverige att demonstrera mot våldet mellan Hamas och Israel.

Krille säger: How do you imagine the future of the people of Gaza? Is there any hope?
Mahar Issa säger: Actually, all the time we see that there is a hope. We hope for ceasefire. But now there has been a blockade for 18 month. There is no infrastructure and so on. We need concrete and iron for establishing homes and houses. But we must not lose our hope. Our dreams must keep alive.
Mattias säger: What do you think the results of the recent events will be?
Mahar Issa säger: I think there will be a circle of violence between both sides. Action and reaction.
SI säger: Do you believe the political vacum in the US (in between presidents) is contributing so that Israel "dares" to use more violence than they should otherwise?
Mahar Issa säger: What will be in the future when Obama comes to power we don't know. I hope for a political solution because he is a democrat. Now, in between, is the time for Israel to achieve there goals.
Erik säger: How the war is changing your life?
Mahar Issa säger: To be frank, I used to work 18 hours per day, even during night. I'm working even days off to do something for my people. This is the first time I have free time due to the short of electricity. Some day I have to wait six hours for electricity. I can't communicate with the world through internet. Many people can't leave there homes right now to go to work.
Mattias säger: Who is to blame for the recent events? Hamas or Israel government?
Mahar Issa säger: I don't know. But the ones who started fire was Israel. They said yesterday this action was planned six month ago.
Civica säger: Do you think israel will attack palestina with ground forces? And if they do do you think hamas can stand a chance against the israelian army?
Mahar Issa säger: I think the israelis are so smart and will never do the same mistake as in Libanon. I think this situaiton has come to an end. But if Hamas will do something Israel will react in some way. If they go inside they will have to pay a very high price. This area is so crowded so there will be so many victims, on both sides.
nejma säger: Why don t the UN help the Palestinians when they know that Israel are stronger and can destroy them?
Mahar Issa säger: A decision must come from the security counsil, ruled by America. And America can put in their veto.
Mikael säger: What is your opinion. What can we best do in Sweden to help the situation in Palestina/Israel? Both personal and goverment?
Mahar Issa säger: I think the civil society in Sweden can demonstrate to stop fire from both sides and talk about the importance of human life. Second I think the Swedish government can go together with the EU in order to stop this. I also think the goverment should talk to the Israeli ambassador in Stockholm about the situation in Gaza.
Mattias R säger: Hi there. How are the chanses for the Palistinians to get military support from other muslim countries in the nearby region. The chanses for the people of Gaza to "stand up" against Israelian war-machine on there own is not a very good.
Mahar Issa säger: There is no hope. I think it will be even more victims in Gaza with more weapons.
league Tollesson säger: Hi, I wonder, how do you think this war will end?
Mahar Issa säger: I think the Arableague and Egypt will finally agree about an initiative to intervene between Hamas and Israel. But it depends on the movements on the ground.
Moderator säger: Thank you Mahar Issa for your time! And thanks to all of Aftonbladets readers for your questions.