John Kerry attending wedding in Sweden

1 av 30 | Foto: Maria Mareinsdotter och Andre Heinz

US secretary of State John Kerry is on a private visit in Stockholm.

His stepson, ketchup heir Andre Heinz, is getting married to his Icelandic love Maria Mareinsdotter at a private mansion in Sörmland.

Stars like Jodie Foster and Julia Roberts are among the guests.

The ketchup prince Andre Heinz is getting married to his icelandic love Maria Mareinsdotter this afternoon. The wedding is taking place in a private mansion on the countryside and has attracted many celebrities.

John Kerry, who is Heinz's stepfather, gave a speach in honour of the bride and groom. He spoke about how both of them lost their fathers at a young age.

Many superstars at the wedding

But John Kerry was not the only famous guest at the wedding. The wedding has attracted many world celebrities like the actress, director and producer Jodie Foster. She wore a white dress and a white blazer when she arrived with her wife Alexandra Hedison.

The superstars took one of seven buses from Grand Hotel in Stockholm to the huge mansion in Sörmland. Swedish composer, artist and singer Meja also arrived in one of the buses.

– It feels great, said Meja to Aftonbladet when asked about being at the wedding.

Actress Julia Roberts will also be at the scene, according to sources to Aftonbladet.

In October Andre Heinz, 46, will become chairman of the Heinz family's charitable foundation, the Heinz endowments.