Live broadcast of aggravated rape in Uppsala – three arrested

Publicerad 2017-01-23

A woman in Uppsala was the victim of an alleged rape in Uppsala.

The alleged group rape was broadcast directly on Facebook.

Three young men have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape.

It was 8:24 on Sunday morning when police were called to an apartment in Uppsala after an alarm about an ongoing rape.

This happened after several people reported that they had seen two direct broadcasts on Facebook.

Which is what the police later confirmed on their website.

The first video shows three suspected perpetrators attacking a woman, and then in the other video the police come into the apartment and turn off the camera.

The three men were born in 1992, 1996 and 1998. 

They were detained in connection with the incident and were arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape.

According to the police, the woman was born in 1986.

Several people who said they saw the rape broadcast have contacted Aftonbladet.

One of them was Lovisa, 22, who said that about 200 people were logged on at the same time and viewed the film.

“Two guys push a girl onto a bed and start pawing her,” she explained to Aftonbladet. “I can see that she looks out of it. I first thought this was some kind of poorly staged joke. But it wasn’t.”

On Monday police released a statement and asked the public not to spread the film further, out of consideration for those involved.

“Doing so could mean that you are committing a crime, in the form of slander,” says Lisa Sannervik at the police command center. “Anyone who has access to the film should send it to the police and not spread it further, out of respect for the victim and the suspects in this case.”

On Monday afternoon the police held a press conference at police headquarters in Uppsala. Deputy Chief Prosecutor Magnus Berggren revealed that three men are under arrest, one under probable cause and two under reasonable suspicion.

The police don’t have access to the entire filmed episode and are appealing to anyone who has it to get in touch with them. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor also appealed to the public not to spread it. Anyone distributing the film further could be  found guilty of slander.