IN ENGLISH: Government answers to White House criticism

Av: Josefin Westin


It was expected for the government that the proposal on the recognition of Palestine would be criticized.

Foreign minister Margot Wallström defends the Swedish position.

– It is not America that decides our politics.

When the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven presented the government declaration for the upcoming four years he pledged to recognize the state of Palestine.

– The conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved by a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with the principles of international law.

The proposal was criticised by the USA state department that calls the recognition ”premature”. Now the Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström strikes back.

– It's not the United states that decides our politics. It was expected that we would get critisism. We will continue the constructive dialogue with the US to explain our motives and reasons for this. It is not unknown to anyone, said Wallström.

Also Löfven stod firm today. He pointed out that this was no news for anyone:

– We have this perception and have had it for a long time. We have said that we should begin this progress.

The government's proposal don't need to go to parliament for a vote. It will be a government decision some time during the term of office. There is no information on when the decision will be taken.