People who have taken to flight are treated as criminals


The United States’ refugee reception is generous and broad. But only as long as the land itself can control it.

This is what Panos Moumtcis, spokesman at UNHCR (FN:s Refugee High Commissioner’s Office) says.

Among the 17 countries who receive quota refugees, the United States receive most of them, (about 75 000 over the last years).

According to Panos Moumtcis, the refugee resetllement related on a voluntary basis functions well. That the United States should choose those most fit for work in the refugee camps to be ensured of a good manpower, is dismissed by him as a myth.

When it concerns the uncontrolled reception of refugees - the asylum seekers who come to the United States’ border - one is very critical at the UNHCR.

”People who have taken to flight are treated as criminals and are put in jail while they are being investigated”, says Panos Moumtcis.

UHNCR is also critical about how low-ranking officials have the right without any special investigation to expulse asylum seekers directly at the border.