"Vi kommer att göra allt för att föra vårt folk i säkerhet"

Phil Reeker är orolig för de amerikanska soldaterna som tagits till fånga i Irak


Rekordmånga ville chatta med utrikesminister Colin Powells vice talesman Phil Reeker.

Under den halvtimmeslånga chatten kom exakt 4 000 frågor.

Phil Reeker hade förstås bara möjlighet att svara på en liten, liten del av alla frågor.

Phil Reeker, talesman för USA:s utrikesminister colin Powell.

Phil Reeker säger: Good evening, Sweden!

Joel säger: Hi. Do you know where Saddam are located at the moment?

Phil Reeker säger: Hello Joel, no I do not know where Saddam is.

Hen säger: Will you continue the war until you get Saddam?

Phil Reeker säger: We will continue the war until the Iraqi people have been liberated from Saddams regime and we have eliminated Iraqs weapon of massdestruction.

Nietzshce84 säger: Why did you not get rid of Saddam already after the Gulf War? Why wait so long? Haven´t that resultetd in the death of a large amount of innocent civilans?

Phil Reeker säger: Saddam is responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own people under his brutal dictatorship. We worked for twelve years to get Saddam to comply with his agreements at the end of the Gulf War and in November the Security Council voted unanimously to give Saddam one last chance. He did not take the opportunity and now he is paying the consequences.

daniel säger: what are you going to do whith the Americans that are beeing hold by Iraq? Saving attempt by a rescue mission?

Phil Reeker säger: We would expect Iraq to treat American prisoners humanly and in accordance with the Geneva Convention just as we are treating the thousands of Iraqi prisoners we have taken. We have seen a pattern of war crimes by the Iraqi regime and finally we will do everything to get our personel back safely.

CJvR säger: What kind of goverment is the US planning on installing in Baghdad to prevent Iraq from deteriorating into chaos and anarchy once Saddam is gone?

Phil Reeker säger: We will work to have a governement of Iraqis based on democratic principles, representing all Iraqi people without weapons of massdestruction that threaten it´s own people or it´s neighbours or support terrorist groups.

Kenth H säger: How long do you think it will take build a new regime in Iraq?

Phil Reeker säger: I think that is a hard question to answer. We are dedicated to stay as long as it takes but not one day more.

CenZor säger: How long do you think this war will go on ?

Phil Reeker säger: President Bush has said it may take a while to achieve our goals but we are making good progress. Remember we have been at this for just over one week.

Simon Kovacs säger: If Saddam Hussein should be captured alive by the allied forces, where would he then be prosecuted? By, and in, the US or by the International War Crimes Tribunal in Haag?

Phil Reeker säger: The simple answer is: I don´t know. It is something we would need to look at, should that occur.

Frann säger: What will the current split in the UN mean to the organization in the future?

Phil Reeker säger: The United Nations remains an important body. Even today we continue working hard at the Security Council on a new resolution to continue the oil for food programme and focus on the future of the Iraqi people.

zelt säger: Why do you not want the UN to play a prominent role in the rebuilding and future administration of Iraq?

Phil Reeker säger: The UN will have a role and we are continuing to discuss that in New York.

Misi säger: Good evening Mr Reeker. Do you have any children, friends or other familymembers who are taking part in this war?

Phil Reeker säger: I am not aware of personal friends on the front lines but many of my colleagues are in the region and at a time like this we all feel like a team. Every moment I am thinking about these troops and hoping they can come home soon.

Eve säger: Are you surprised by the hard resistance in Iraq?

Phil Reeker säger: Our effort is only one week old and it is very difficult to make instant judgements from what we see on the non stop television coverage. As Secretary Powell said, this is a ground war and there will be resistance and casualties. But we are confident and determined.

Lisa säger: good afternoon. Do the peace protests around the world have any effect on your desicions?

Phil Reeker säger: It is important that we have an open society and that we listen to all views. I hope that those who have opposed military action will canal their energy into our efforts to create a safe, democratic and prosperous Iraq.

Phil Reeker säger: Thank you, all the readers and chatters and I hope we can do this again.