Charles och Camillas dikt


Den brittiske prisbelönte hovpoeten Andrew Motion har skrivit en särskild bröllopsdikt till Charles och Camillas ära.

Den heter "Spring Wedding" och lyder:

I took your news outdoors, and strolled a while

In silence on my square of garden-ground

Where I could dim the roar of arguments,

Ignore the scandal-flywheel whirring round,

"And hear instead the green fuse in the flower

Ignite, the breeze stretch out a shadow-hand

To ruffle blossom on its sticking points,

The blackbirds sing, and singing take their stand.

I took your news outdoors, and found the Spring

Had honored all its promises to start

Disclosing how the principles of earth

Can make a common purpose with the heart.

The heart which slips and sidles like a stream

Weighed down by winter-wreckage near its source -

But given time, and come the clearing rain,

Breaks loose to revel in its proper course.