Tom Anderson chattade med läsarna


Han är en av grundarna till nätsuccén Myspace, singel och i Stockholm.

På onsdagen chattade läsare med Tom Anderson.

Tom Anderson säger: OK. I am here to answer questions!

Damme säger: Where did you first get the idea to start myspace?

Tom Anderson säger: Mostly from other websites that were popular in the US like Friendster, Tribe and Xanga I wanted to combine the best of many websites into one site

What is next step? säger: How will communitys like My space develope further in the future?

Tom Anderson säger: I think they will get easier to use and more useful to more types of people. In the long term, they will probably become as ubiquitous as email ... everyone will have a "page" and be sharing their photos online

Fredrik säger: Hey, if I have an idea about a service/product etc. aimed for to be sold on the web. What are your advices for me how to makes this "come true".

Tom Anderson säger: Hopefully it is something you can test before you invest a lot of time or money into it. Thats why the internet is a great form of business for entrepreneurs because the costs are low and things are easy to test. Try the simplest route and test the waters before you invest all your time and energy into an idea that may not work.

Isak säger: Have you ever considered yourself to be a creator of a new lifestyle?

Tom Anderson säger: I think MySpace has been that influential, yes. However, there are many websites like it. Its hard for any one person to take credit for such a thing. But I do think MySpace has changed the lives of many people. Its a nice thought, but I think many people deserve credit for this change. I feel lucky to have played a role in it all.

Godsmachine säger: Do you still spend some of your time off on myspace?

Tom Anderson säger: Yes, I spend at least an hour a day, sometimes many. Its important for me to still hear what users are thinking. All of my plans come from user suggestions and users tell me what is working and what they like and dont like. Its invaluable to our success.

how does it feel to be a miljonear säger: Heey how does it feel to be a milioner

Tom Anderson säger: It feels pretty good! Its nice knowing you dont have to work if you dont want to. Fortunately, MySpace is the best job I could imagine so I dont want to retire just yet. :)

Plutt säger: What does an average day in your life look like?

Tom Anderson säger: It changes quite a bit. Today and the last week I am touring Europe meeting with MySpace employees and doing interviews. Another day will be working on product plans. On another day I will be talking to users and using the website. Its really quite flexible which keeps it interesting and fun.

sophie säger: What are you doing in Sweden? Your name sounds swedish, do you have swedish relatives?

Tom Anderson säger: I dont know my own heritage too well, so I am not exactly sure if Im Swedish. Sounds like I probably am! I am here both for fun and work. We have a MySpace office in Sweden and I came to visit the employees there.

where did you find the idea fö myspace säger: are you singel

Tom Anderson säger: Yes! lol

christoffer säger: Do you have a new projekt in your plans?

Tom Anderson säger: Im still committed to MySpace so any ideas I have will be incorporated into the website. We are working on a lot of new things, including an advanced music service which will have the entire discography of every artist for free streaming on MySpace.

kakashi säger: How many people are hired to work for MySpace? Like graphic artists, coders and so on.

Tom Anderson säger: We have around 1,000 employes in over 15 countries. A lot of them are tech people, and a lot are ad sales ... they sell the ad space so the site can remain free.

how did you come up with myspace?? säger: would you consider selling you site to Google or Microsoft, if they come with a big sum??

Tom Anderson säger: We actually sold MySpace in 2005 to newscorp. I stayed on because I love the job!

säger: Are you a celebrity in America? Has it happened that people come to you and ask for a autograph?

Tom Anderson säger: I have signed some autographs, yes. I can walk down the street unnoticed, but when people do notice, they often ask to take a picture. A MySpace pic is better than an autograph dont you think? I have turned down the offers for reality shows, so I guess Ill always be a computer nerd instead of a celebrity. :)

nyfiken säger: I think myspace is an exellent place to show your work and get listeners if you are an musician, what is your favorite band/music?

Tom Anderson säger: My all time favorite is The Beatles. The last few weeks Ive been listening to the recent My Chemical Romance album. I like Rock and Pop mostly including Abba and even the ATeens (and Im not making a joke!)

Godsmachine säger: Wich homepage is the next big thing according to you?

Tom Anderson säger: Im not really sure. I havent seen anything that struck me as the next big thing, though I did guess that Youtube was going to be huge!

säger: Where do you get most of your profits, ads or memberfees?

Tom Anderson säger: There are no member fees on MySpace, so its all ad dollars

oli säger: If someone asked you for 100 dollars would you concider giving it away?

Tom Anderson säger: hehe my friends ask me to borrow money all the time!

Pearl säger: What do you think about Sweden? :)

Tom Anderson säger: I just got here. It looks beautiful so far.. the river Strommen is so nice. We dont have anything like this where Im from. America does not have the rich architectural history of Sweden.

Moderator säger: It's time för the last question!

Olle säger: Are u involved in any charitywork?

Tom Anderson säger: MySpace has an Impact Channel where we work with charities and nonprofits. We are also building special profiles for these organizations so we can help raise money and generate more awareness.

Moderator säger: Thanks to everyone that participated in the chat!